nfl moves mexico game to l.a.

mexico city lost its opportunity to host one of the biggest nfl games of the season.

promotional graphic for the mexico city game between the kansas city chiefs and the los angeles rams
nfl superstars tyreek hill of the chiefs & todd gurley of the rams.

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the kansas city chiefs (9-1) were set to play the los angeles rams (9-1) on monday night football next week. but as this headline on the cbs los angeles website reports

Rams-Chiefs Game Moved From Mexico City To LA Due To Poor Field Conditions

due to means because of. the accompanying article explains that

the field was badly damaged during a large concert on nov. 7 hosted by the mexican television network telehit. “the combination of a difficult rainy season and a heavy multi-event calendar of events at the stadium, have resulted in significant damage to the field that presents unnecessary risks to player safety and makes it unsuitable to host an nfl game,” nfl executive vice president of international mark waller said in a statement.

unsuitable means unacceptable, unsatisfactory.

the sloppy estadio azteca field

the nfl declared estadio azteca was unsuitable for hosting an nfl game. (christian palma/associated press)

jarrett bell‘s article at usa today describes it like this

what a mess, nfl. and just think: it could have been way worse. the quick decision by the league on tuesday to bolt from mexico city — scrapping the threat of a potential disaster — wasn’t really much of a choice. imagine if [rams running back] todd gurley or [chiefs quarterback] patrick mahomes tore up a knee while sliding around on a sloppy field at estadio azteca on monday night. no, the no-brainer decision to move the “midseason super bowl” between the rams and the chiefs to the los angeles memorial coliseum was essentially made for the nfl, in consultation with the nfl players association, when transposed against the integrity of the game and safety of the players. there’s no wiggle room there. the nfl, with a litany of bruises to its image in recent years, couldn’t dare risk the possibility of blowing this one after it became apparent that the field conditions were atrocious.

mess means disorder, chaos. could have been is 3rd conditional –> a hypothetical scenario in the past. in reality, having to change the venue (location) of the game was bad, but (hypothetically) an nfl superstar getting injured because of the terrible conditions of the estadio azteca field would be worse. bolt means leave suddenly and rapidly. scrap means throw away. a threat is an imminent risk. tear up is a phrasal verb that means injure drastically. if todd gurley or patrick mahomes tore up a knee is 2nd conditional–a hypothetical situation at the moment. slide means players not having control of their movements. sloppy refers to the poor conditions/maintenance of the field. no-brainer means obvious, no thinking required– like this justin bieber track about how obvious it is that u should hook up with him if u have the opportunity.

transposed means considered in that context. wiggle room is liberty to explore different solutions. a litany is a long list. bruise is used to indicate damage to the nfl brand caused by the league appearing insensitive to the security and health of its players. dare means have the courage. blow means make a stupid mistake. atrocious is terrible.

a bruise

the original idea of bruise

in addition to the telehit concert last week, an oct. 11 shakira concert

left the natural grass field a shambles.

while there was a chance that the estadio azteca grounds crew (staff responsible for taking care of the field) could have gotten the field ready for the monday night game, jarrett bell points out that

rush jobs tend to escalate risk.

rush means hurried, under pressure. escalate means increase.

shakira performing in estadio azteca

shakira’s concert on october 11 left the estadio azteca field in shambles. (ap)

bell also considers the consequences of deciding to play the game in l.a.

just think of the costs that are sure to come in settling legal issues that will flow from this.

settle means resolve, find a solution.

nfl logo

the estadio azteca field is a mess, and now the nfl will have to settle any legal mess that results from moving the game to l.a.

did u have tickets to the game? are u pissed about the nfl’s decision to play the game in l.a. rather than mexico city? share your feelings under leave a reply




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