u blew it! & other vocabulary from iowa’s wild, walk-off win

last saturday night my alma mater (where i went to college), the university of iowa hawkeyes defeated the university of pittsburgh panthers in fantastic fashion.  the football victory is the subject of the most recent vlog on the richyrocks youtube channel

blew it (irregular past tense of blow it) is the most memorable lesson from the vid, inspired by pitt’s kicker chris blewitt.  like the vid explains, blewitt is a difficult name for a kicker to live with.  u blew it is one of the most common fan responses when a kicker misses a field goal.

chris blewitt, kicker for the pitt panthers
chris blewitt, pittsburgh’s kicker

a field goal is a scoring play worth three points.

a missed field goal

this clip from the movie copland is another vivid example of blew it.

sylvester stallone is a cop in the ficitional town of garrison, new jersey, right across the hudson river from new york city. robert deniro is an internal affairs cop for the nypd who asks stallone for info about corrupt activity by new york city cops who live in garrison.  stallone is slow to provide the information.  an angry deniro tells him that the investigation has been shut down, and that he’s missed his opportunity i.e. he blew it.

the vlog observes that blewitt has undoubtedly been mocked several times over his last name. undoubtedly means without a doubt.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

koehn walkoff vs blew it
hawkeye kicker marshall koehn clinched the victory with a 57-yard walk-off field goal

none other than is used to emphasize the surprise of an identity. in this case, pittsburgh’s blewitt is the subject of the video, but iowa’s kicker marshall koehn ended up being the hero of the game.

koehn made a 57-yard field goal on the last play of the game to clinch (guarantee) the win for the hawkeyes. when a game is decided on its final play, the play is referred to as a walk-off. the game-winner koehn hit was 1 yard shy of a university of iowa record.  shy in this context means short. the school record is 58 yards.

bee swarm blew ithawkeye swarm blew it
a swarm of bees & a swarm of hawkeyes

and swarm means a dense group or crowd.  it is a tradition at iowa that the players enter and exit the field together as a team, resembling a swarm of bees.

do u know other names in english that are ruthlessly (brutally) mocked?  can u give a good example of blew it?  share your ideas under leave a reply 

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