carly fiorina at hewlett-packard

about an hour and a half into cnn‘s republican candidate debate wednesday night, moderator jake tapper asked candidate carly fiorina this question

donald trump says u quote “ran hp into the ground”, u laid off tens of thousands of people, u got viciously fired. for voters looking to somebody with private sector experience to create american jobs, why should they pick u and not donald trump?

quote means donald trump said exactly that ms fiorina ran hp into the ground (destroyed it). fire and lay off both indicate losing employment, fire is more permanent.  pick means select.

ms fiorina says that with her in charge, hewlett packard went from

lagging behind to leading in every product category, in every market segment

lagging behind is going slower than or not equalling the competitors.

lagging behind fiorina
yellow guy is lagging behind all the blue guys

fiorina defended her hewlett packard record further by bringing up (mentioning) one of the people responsible for firing her in 2005. as carly tells it, tom perkins, an hp board member, said they were wrong to fire her and she was a terrific (excellent) ceo.

carly fiorina tough choices
carly fiorina’s 2006 memoir tough choices

she recognized that some tough (difficult) calls will be required to lead the united states and referred to job cuts she had to make at hp as tough choices.

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speaking of jobs, fiorina says she

saved 80,000 jobs, went on to grow to 160,000 jobs and now hewlett-packard is almost 300,000 jobs

and her most important mention of the word jobs was dropping tech hero steve jobsname. when fiorina was fired, steve jobs called her and told her not to worry about it; the same thing happened to him.

fiorina hp
carly fiorina was ceo at hp from 1999-2005

do u think a former ceo would make a good president? which companies would produce the best presidential candidates? share your ideas under leave a reply




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