mexican football fans may have caused an earthquake

this video from the nightline facebook page tells an amazing story inspired by mexico’s first match at the 2018 world cup. the title of the vid is

Mexican World Cup fans’ ‘massive jumps’ may have set off manmade earthquake

set off means cause. force. may have set off is a hypothetical situation in the past (3rd conditional)>> it’s possible but not for sure.

cool english practice :) richyrocks on youtube

this is a transcript of the captions that appear at the bottom of the video.

fans were so excited about mexico’s goal against defending world cup champion germany that seismic detectors in mexico city actually registered a false earthquake. mexico’s geological institute said the false earthquake may have been caused by “massive jumps” around the city, spectators who gathered to watch on a massive tv screen in the city square screamed with joy after the goal. mexico went on to win the match 1-0 over germany.

actually means truly, indeed. may have been caused is third conditional passive voice >>been is an auxiliary. gather means come together, assemble. joy is extreme happiness. go on to refers to an action that happens after another action is completed.

hirving lozano and andres guardado celebrate lozano’s goal against germany.

experts now claim (say) an earthquake didn’t really happen, but who cares? it will be remembered forever as an incredible moment that happened on the magnificent day that mexico beat germany in the world cup for the first time.

mexican fans celebrating during the world cup

together, their joy set off an earthquake.

what do u think about the earthquake in mexico that was provoked by a world cup goal? share your thoughts under leave a reply


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