maradona makes world cup headlines

earlier this week at the world cup, argentina passed to the round of 16 (the spanish expression octavos de final doesn’t directly translate to english) thanks to a dramatic victory over nigeria. but not all the action was on the field.

messi and maradona

diego maradona coaching lionel messi

argentina football great diego maradona made headlines from the stands (where the public sits). this headline is from the sun

Diego Maradona warned not to ‘end up like Elvis’ and die young following shock antics during Argentina clash at World Cup

and it had this summary under it

argentine hero is urged by norway legend jan age fjortoft to stay as the king of football – rather than follow the king of rock

end up means finally finish. antics are scandalous behavior. clash here refers to the game. the mention of elvis is to bring to mind a premature death caused by drug use. jan age fjortoft doesn’t want to see this happen to maradona. urge means strongly recommend. rather than is used to show a preference between two alternatives.
this tweet summarizes in comical fashion some of maradona’s activities during the match.

behave is how maradona was acting gathering is when people get togetherfulfill means do. role  is style or action. auntie can be the wife of an uncle, or just an older lady. random auntie means unknown. randomly falling asleep means sporadicallyunplanned. sidekick means a person who accompanied maradona and was probably less of a vip.

harry potter and his sidekicks hermione granger and ron weasley

harry potter and his sidekicks hermione and weasley

the article, written by oliver harvey, reported that diego tried to

explain away his erratic behaviour on a white wine binge.

explain away means minimize. erratic means inconsistent, volatile. behaviour is spelled with -our at the end in british and canadian english. binge means diego drank a lot.

maradona enjoying a glass of wine

sometimes, a glass of wine can turn into a binge

the most widely publicized maradona moment was when he

topped off his shambolic evening on tuesday by flipping a two-handed bird from his executive box.

top off means finish. shambolic is a british word that means disorderly, messy. flipping the bird is the same as giving the finger.

robbie williams flipping the bird during the opening ceremony of he world cup

robbie williams is now the second most famous example of flipping the bird at the 2018 world cup.

in his defense, maradona’s former agent jon smith told bbc radio 5 live



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