mexico and military service in south korea

after mexico’s disappointing 3-0 loss to sweden in the third game of group f at russia 2018, many mexico fans were supremely grateful (thankful) to  south korea for defeating germany 2-0, clinching  (guaranteeing, securing) mexico’s spot (place) in the round of 16.

korea mexico world cup meme

a metaphor for how south korea helped mexico stay alive in the 2018 world cup

south korea fans probably had opposite sentiments.  a tie by mexico against sweden would have given the koreans a chance to pass and a mexican victory would have secured their place in the knockout round.

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son hueng-min

son heung min scored goals against mexico & germany before south korea was eliminated from russia 2018.

south korea’s players were likely (probably) a little more disappointed than the fans that mexico couldn’t help them out. this headline from an article on focused on south korea’s top goal scorer, son heung min in particular

Mandatory Military Service Looms for South Korean Star Despite World Cup Win


loom means it is imminent. despite means the win didn’t matter: south korea’s players still have military service pending.

two able-bodied men

a pair of able-bodied men

the accompanying article by lee ferran explains

the south korean military… compels all able-bodied men to serve nearly two years – soccer stars included… what’s seen a prudent measure by a government that is still technically at war with north korea has complicated the lives of south korean celebrities in the past, including pop star g-dragon, pga golfer bae sang-moon and another well-known footballer, park chu-young.

compel means require. able-bodied means healthy, strong. prudent is wise, practical. technically means based on fact. the -cally at the end of the word should be pronounced as one syllable, CLEE.

g dragon

g-dragon of the pop band big bang is currently fulfilling his military service. 

there has been speculation online that south korea’s players might receive (maybe, possibly) an exemption from military service similar to the 2002 world cup squad that made it all the way to the semifinals. after losing their first two matches to sweden and mexico respectively, those hopes started to fade (disappear) but were resuscitated (revived) after the victory over germany.

practicing cpr

cpr stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

a headline on the south china morning post website for an article from agence france-presse said

South Korea fans urge [president] Moon Jae-in to exempt players from national service after Germany win

urge means strongly recommend or encourage.  according to agence france-presse, one fan posted this on the presidential website

they gave us so much hope. their talent should not be wasted in the military!

despite the aforementioned (previously mentioned) conflict with north korea, this fan is saying that football players in the military serve no purpose or are being misused, i.e. (in other words) wasted.

south korea armed forces day ceremony

there are fans who think military service is a waste compared to football. (chung sung-jun/getty images)

is there mandatory military service in your country? is it a good idea? share your feelings under leave a reply



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