conan o’brien walking around in mexico city

conan o’brien is a well-known television personality in the u.s. and the host of the late-night comedy show that bears (has) his first name. a few weeks ago, in an effort to balance the aggressive anti-mexico policy that u.s. president donald trump has introduced, conan visited mexico and recorded a show here. at :13 in the video below, he introduces himself to 3 chilangos (mexico city residents) as conando, a humorous (spanish?) variation of his name.

at the beginning of the video, conando gives this explanation

whenever i travel, i like to meet the people. so i’m in the heart of mexico city; i’m gonna walk around and say, “hola.”

whenever means any time. walk around means walk without a specific destination.

conan walking around in mexico city
conanando walking around in mexico city

throughout the video (in many parts, from start to finish) conan jokes that he is collecting donations from the mexican people to help president trump with one of his most publicized policy points, building a wall between mexico and the united states, and making mexico pay for it. when nobody shows interest, conan says he will sweeten the deal (make it more attractive): anyone who donates $500 gets their name on a brick in the wall and a bag that says, “i paid for the wall.” conan also offers to throw in (include at no extra charge) a three tenors cd and an autographed photo of trump.

sweet n low, equal and splenda are artificial sweeteners

artificial sweeteners can be used to sweeten drinks.

when using reported speech in the future tense, most text books/grammar websites will tell u to use would to express the future, like conan does at 2:44 when he tries to explain to mexicans that president trump said that they would pay for a wall between the two countries. while the grammar websites are right, will is often used to express future in this structure too, like conan does at 1:48, explaining the same thing, he [trump] said u will pay,

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

conan communicates the same idea at :52 when he says [trump] said u guys were paying for the wall, which is a standard example of reported speech in present tense.

bryan cranston on conan

at 1:55 a mexico city resident confuses o’brien with malcolm in the middle and breaking bad star bryan cranston. cranston (left) has appeared multiple times on conan.

at 2:55 conan realizes (becomes aware, sees) that nobody is going to give him any money. his reaction is we’ve been had, which as conan then says, means trump is a dishonest businessman; trump tricked americans into believing mexicans would actually pay for the wall.

from 3:10 to 3:40 conan creates a creepy (scary, weird), awkward (uncomfortable) moment by putting his arm around a fan and repeating variations of the phrasal verbs hold on (maintian control) and let go (release).

the conclusion of the video is also the funniest moment. a mexican gentleman gives the finger to the donation box conan is carrying instead of a cash donation.

an answer to conan's request for a donation to build the wall

the most common mexican response to building the wall

what do u think about conan o’brien filming a show in mexico city? was his gesture important for the relationship between the people of mexico and the united states? share your views under leave a reply


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