tom brady’s super bowl jerseys tracked down in mexico

during the post-game euphoria of super bowl li, somebody stole (took–irregular past tense of steal) mvp tom brady‘s jersey.  after a lengthy investigation involving the houston police department, the texas rangers and the fbi, the coveted (highly desired) piece of sports memorabilia (collectibles connected to people or events) was tracked down (searched for and found) here in mexico.

tom brady and his valuable jersey in action at super bowl 51

tom brady and his jersey during super bowl li (ronald martinez,getty)

usa today article by a.j. perez and lorenzo reyes lays out (displays) the details of this amazing story.

a former executive of a tabloid newspaper in mexico city allegedly swiped two of tom brady’s game-worn new england patriots super bowl jerseys and potentially the helmet worn by denver broncos linebacker von miller during super bowl 50.

a tabloid is a sensationalist newspaper.  allegedly means supposedly, it’s been said but it’s not necessarily a fact.  swipe means steal, take. worn means they had it on during the game. it’s the irregular past participle of wear.

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so the culprit (guilty guy) not only took brady’s jersey from this super bowl, but also the jersey he wore in super bowl xlix, where he was also mvp, and maybe mvp von miller’s helmet from super bowl 50.

la prensa's front page from the day after rubi's quinceanera

the front page of the tabloid la prensa the day after la quinceanera de rubi

and there’s more!

an associated press article on reports that the super bowl hustler (gets things deceptively, by tricking people) was carrying around and showing off a jersey worn by super bowl xxxiv mvp kurt warner and boasting (spoke with arrogance) about other memorabilia that he had back home in mexico.  he also bragged (boasted) that he wasn’t at the super bowl to work, he was there as a fan. and of course, to steal some shit.

swiper, one of the stars of dora the explorer

swiper never listens when dora and boots tell him, “no swiping.”

the usa today article includes a 7-point statement from la prensa, the thief’s employer. their fourth point says

editora la prensa s.a. de c.v., if these allegations are true, strongly rejects the behavior of martin mauricio ortega camberos, who took advantage of the position he held, used the newspaper la prensa to obtain media credentials to access the field of play, press conferences and probably other areas of nrg stadium.

behavior refers to how martin ortega, the guy who swiped the jersey, acted.  take advantage of is exploit. hold, in relation to a position or job, means occupy or have.

mauricio ortega's selfie with tom brady
ortega camberos took advantage of his professional position to get access to tom brady and his jerseys. (tmz)

in point 5, la prensa claims they had no idea what their employee was up to (doing)

it is worth noting that none of the managers of editora la prensa, s.a. de c.v., nor of the organizacion editorial mexicana, had any knowledge of the unfortunate and reproachable acts that martin mauricio ortega camberos allegedly committed on february 5, 2017

it’s worth noting indicates an important, possibly not obvious point. phrases like it should be noted or it’s important to note do a better, more direct job of dissociating la prensa from what camberos did.  nor is used to introduce a second negative. in this case organización editorial mexicana (the company that owns la prensa), like the managers of la prensa didn’t know anything about ortega camberos’ activities at the super bowl.

organizacion editorial mexicana logo

it’s worth noting, uh, nobody in our organization knew anything about this.

nevertheless, la prensa apologized.

regardless of the truth, these alleged acts committed personally by martin mauricio ortega camberos could have happened while he still held the position of director of the newspaper la prensa; editora la prensa, s.a. de c.v. offers a public apology to our readers and the mexican people for these regrettable acts.

regardless means it doesn’t matter. could have happened is a hypothetical situation in the past (3rd conditional). the accusations may or may not be true, but if they are, they happened while ortega camberos was a director in their company.

patriots ownver robert kraft with the recovered jerseys

patriots owner robert kraft (middle) poses with the two recovered tom brady jerseys, and fbi agents who helped track them down. (associated press)

a headline on describes it like this

Mexican newspaper issues apology for theft of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey

issue is a verb in this example.  it means la prensa released or produced an apology. theft is the act of a thief.

grand theft auto v

a felony (serious crime) & a popular video game

how serious is this criminal act and how important was it to find the jersey?  will the incident affect the already tense relationship between mexico and the u.s.?  share your opinions under leave a reply




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