snoop dogg on tom brady’s suspension being overturned

the four-game suspension tom brady was given for his participation in the “deflate-gate” scandal was overturned by judge richard berman yesterday. overturn is used when a decision is reversed legally.

brady overturned
does that ball look a little light to u?  (ap photo/matt slocum)

the nfl believed brady ordered the balls he used in the afc championship game last season to be inflated to a weight below what the rule allows. a deflated ball is easier to catch, especially in the cold weather of massachusetts in january.

rapper snoop dogg expressed his disapproval of the decision to overturn brady’s suspension in a short video that he posted on his instagram account


this is snoop’s dialogue

the nfl overturned brady’s shit. i can’t do nothing but smoke, that’s bullshit. u might as well overturn all the homies that got weed cases in the league too, if y’all gonna do that, keep it real.

can’t do nothing is a double negative (can’t & nothing). elementary school teachers generally frown on double negatives but native speakers use them frequently in informal situations.  can’t do anything avoids the double negative.

shit as it appears here is similar to stuff and doesn’t literally mean feces. snoop dogg is referring to brady’s suspension.

bullshit shows strong disagreement and implies injustice.

snoop dogg overturn
in response to judge richard berman’s decision to overturn tom brady’s suspension, snoop dogg can’t do nothing but smoke. and post a vid on instagram.

might as well is a tricky expression.  the idea in the vid is that it would be fair to also overturn the multiple suspensions the league has issued (given) to players for testing positive for marijuana (weed).

homies are friends. y’all, an abbreviation of you all, is an informal way to say you in plural form.

nfl weed overturn
a high percentage of nfl players smoke marijuana: does that negatively impact the nfl’s brand?

some of the comments under the video on snoop dogg’s instagram pointed out (observed) that the nfl didn’t overturn the suspension, a federal judge did, and that none of the multiple players suspended for marijuana use are appealing (asking a higher authority for an overturn) their suspensions through a legal process.

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nevertheless, the d-o double g (snoop dogg) raises an important point in the vid, while enjoying some weed himself.  which offenses that the nfl decides to sanction are truly the worst?  is smoking marijuana a worse offense than breaking the rules of the game?  what do u think?  share your observations under leave a reply




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