jared kushner working with mexico at the white house

what’s going to happen with u.s.-mexico relations  during the trump administration? does mexico have any leverage (power) to influence what happens?  a behind the scenes article about donald trump‘s son-in-law/senior advisor jared kushner by philip rucker, ashley parker and joshua partlow sheds a little light on the subject (gives some information).

jared kushner
senior advisor to the president jared kushner

the article tells about kushner working on a speech at the white house in late january with mexico’s foreign relations secretary luis videgaray (WTF!) in an effort to make president trump’s harsh (unkind, cruel) words less harsh on mexican ears.

both kushner and videgaray

had concluded that the remarks as drafted would upend the two countries’ fragile relationship, so together they urged trump to soften his language about mexico.

had concluded is past perfect, the structure used to indicate that one action in the past (concluded) has finished when another (the meeting with president trump ) occured. remarks are comments. upend means ruin, literally turned upside down.

julio jones upended in the 2017 nfl playoffs vs the green bay packers

the atlanta falcons’ julio jones was upended on this play during his playoff game with the green bay packers last month. jones made the catch and the falcons won the game. (brett davis-usa today sports)

as a result

the trio arrived at a compromise: trump, understanding that mexicans would hang on his every word, agreed to state that a strong mexico was also in the best interests of the united states.

a compromise is a negotiated agreement. though it looks the same, it is not the same as compromiso in spanish, which is more correctly translated as commitment most of the time. hang on his every word means pay very close attention.

jared kushner watching the president

kushner hanging on the president’s every word

the compromise kushner and videgaray arranged with president trump was in vain (not successful) as he got into an argument with mexican president enrique peña nieto on twitter and the two cancelled their january 31 meeting. this has magnified the importance of communication between trump’s son-in-law and the mexcian official.

the relationship between kushner and videgaray, who met through friends in the financial world, has proved pivotal, especially for mexico. they have forged a personal bond and helped bring together trump and peña nieto, whose public positions and rhetoric are at extreme odds.

pivotal means important. forge means gradually establish. a bond is a connection. at odds means the two presidents don’t agree.

jared kushner and luis videgaray

kush & luis to trump: not so harsh, dude.

bill richardson, former new mexico governor and former u.s. ambassador to the un commented

the threats on paying for the wall, the threats to renegotiate nafta, the threats of the import fee have stoked a real nationalism in the mexican people that is going to give president peña nieto very little room to maneuver.

a threat is an ultimatum. a fee is a payment. trump has threatened to put an import fee of as much as 20% on mexican products entering the u.s. if mexico doesn’t agree to pay for the wall between the two countries. stoke means provoke. maneuver means move, negotiate.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

the article contains interesting alternatives for using the word measure. there is a description of kushner and videgaray’s effort to persuade president trump to use different rhetoric. they requested more measured discussion, i.e. more calculated and careful  speech. and the authors remind readers that trump promised a foreign policy based on unpredictability, and by that measure, he is delivering. in this context measure means criteria.

guinea pig in a sombrero

a guinea pig in a sombrero.  (warrenphotographic.co.uk)

diplomats in other nations are attempting to use mexico’s experience to measure their own relationship with the u.s.

viewing mexico as a guinea pig, senior officials from several other countries have already reached out to their mexican counterparts, hoping to glean insights about the new president.

guinea pigs are popular pets, but also used in experiments, which gives the idea that other world leaders are interested in the results mexico has dealing with president trump. reach out means contact. glean is collecting a little at a time. insight is understanding, wisdom.

mexico’s foreign relations minister luis videgaray says it’s cray cray to say he helped rewrite trump’s speech about the wall. ( reuters/edgard garrido)

luis videgaray claims that he saw trump’s speech about building the border wall on tv and that it is ridiculous to suggest that he helped rewrite it.  do u believe him? what do u think about each country’s position in this ordeal?  share your answer under leave a reply




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