reaching out to a classmate who speaks a different language

donald trump‘s campaign for president and the first month of his presidency have exposed (shown), exploited (taken advantage of ) and emboldened (stimulated, strengthened) some of the horrible, xenophobic attitudes that still exist in the united states.

does this willy wonka quote from the  movie charlie and the chocolate factory apply to what amanda moore did? (weary means really tired)

so it was reassuring (providing hope) to read this article by anabel muñoz from earlier this academic year about amanda moore, a school girl trying to make a new kid in her classroom feel comfortable despite a language barrier (obstacle).

rocky in russia

rocky iv might be the hokiest of all the rocky movies.

granted, the coverage by the local abc news affiliate in temecula, california was hokey as hell (excessively sentimental). it made me wonder if this spontaneous act of kindness was orchestrated– a fake (invented). u can judge for yourself how authentic/cheesy this feel good (tries to make everybody happy) story is.

diana ross performing reach out and touch somebody’s hand in central park in new york city is not only a musical example of reach out, it’s another perfect example of hokey.

muñoz explains

amanda moore does not speak spanish but she didn’t let that stop her from reaching out to a new classmate at paloma elementary who doesn’t speak english.

reach out means she made an effort to communicate with her classmate. why did amanda reach out?

the 10-year-old girl noticed her new classmate seemed to be lonely and sitting by himself.

amanda moore is 10 years old.  when presenting a quantity, the measure (years in this case) is plural.  but when the quantity becomes an adjective phrase, (10-year-old) the measure is singular.  lonely means without anyone and sad.  this new track by martin garrix and dua lipa portrays a relationship that continues because the couple are afraid to be lonely.

amanda can’t speak spanish, and her new classmate can’t speak english, so how could they communicate?  like everyone else in the 21st century,

she used google translate on her smartphone to help write a letter to him.

so give it up for (respect, appreciate, applaud) the app too.

the kids from stranger things

the kids from the netflix series stranger things hanging out and investigating some really freaky shit

amanda spoke about her motivation for reaching out

i just wanted to tell him it’s ok if he could sit over by us. even though we can’t really speak spanish together, i don’t really know spanish, but we could still hang out.

even though is despite the fact that; similar to although, but a little stronger. hang out means socialize.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

is this anecdote from a california elementary school reassuring ?  why or why not?  share your views under leave a reply


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