lol, lmao & rofl: how hard are u laughing?

lol, rofl and lmao are abbreviations usually used in written digital communication to express that something is funny. this classic vid from the richyrocks youtube channel is a matching exercise that asks viewers to identify which abbreviation goes with each laugh.

here are the answers:

A lol laughing out loud

out loud means it can be heard; the opposite of silently or to yourself.

lol made news headlines last week in relation to the assassination of kim jong nam, the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un, at kuala lumpur international airport in malaysia. a woman wearing an lol shirt, who may have believed what she was doing was a prank (joke) for television, participated in the murder that involved spraying and wiping poison in kim jong nam’s  face.

lol assassin

murder by poison: lol, lmao or rofl?

B lmao  laughing my ass off.  

lmfaolaughing my freaking (or fucking) ass off  is also common and indicates an even stronger laugh.  ass off  is used with other verbs and possessive pronouns as well to indicate doing something with intensity.  so much intensity that it makes your ass fall off.

lmfao: does zebra fashion make u laugh your ass off?

C rofl  rolling on the floor laughing.

stop, drop & roll to put out a fire on your person

stop, drop and roll (on the ground or the floor) if u are on fire.

there is nothing funny about catching on fire, but if it does happen, the process to remember to put out the fire is stop, drop (get on the ground) and roll (move around on the ground or the floor if u are inside).  rofl is a popular emoji too.

an rofl emoji

lmao and rofl both indicate more intense laughter than merely lol.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

do u use these abbreviations regularly in your on-line communtication?  do u know any other typical abbreviations for communicating digitally?  share your knowledge under leave a reply




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