wnba stars call out trolls

the nba finals, nba draft and nba awards for 2019 are all over, but that doesn’t mean u still can’tlearn great new english vocabulary from world-class basketball talent. the wnba 2019 season is ON, and to call out (criticize) some of the trolls (rude internet users) the players get comments from online, several of the league’s stars participated in a video that was shared on the wnba twitter account.

fun efl practicerichyrocks english on youtube

the overwhelming opinion of the players is that the trolling is not really even funny.

for example, at :25 seimone augustus of the minnesota lynx and britney griner of the phoenix mercury team up (work together) for this comment

enough with the kitchen jokes. they’re stale and not funny.

stale means old, not fresh.

stale is most frequently used to describe bread that is a few days old. (localglobalkitchen.com)

several of the players read a post from a troll on social media and then give their opinion about it. for instance, at :29 jasmine thomas of the connecticut sun says

“wanna know why nobody likes the wnba? because all y’all females tall. nobody likes a female who can dunk on them.” i feel like no females like u. and maybe that’s why u salty.

wanna is a reduction of want to. the question is also a reduction of do u want to? y’all is a contraction of you and all. it is used as the plural for u. jasmine uses salty to imply that the author of the post is angry because he’s a loser. dunk is the basketball play of forcefully putting the ball in the basket. it is considered an exciting, sometimes spectacular play that ironically almost never happens in the wnba. brittney griner has had a few though, including this one earlier this season.

stefanie dolson of the chicago sky shares this at :50

“i’m watching lingerie football. this shit ain’t that bad. like the best of both worlds. if wnba wore panties, i’d watch it.” no. we’re not wearing panties. no one sees me in my drawers.

lingerie is sexy underwear. shit is referring to lingerie football; it’s NOT negative. it means stuff, material. ain’t is an alternative to isn’t. it’s used a lot, but frowned on in formal environments. the best of both worlds describes a scenario in which two different (sometimes very different) things can be enjoyed simultaneously, in this case sexy girls and football. in the case of hannah montana, it’s the regular life of a schoolgirl and the fabulous life of a popstar. that’s why the best of both worlds is a good title for the show’s theme song.

if the wnba wore panties, i’d watch it is 2nd conditional–a hypothetical possibility. wnba players wear shorts, not panties (women’s underpants). wore is the irregular past tense of wear. remember, especially if spanish is your first language,  wear NOT use is for talking about the clothes u have on. drawers are underpants too; men’s or women’s.

a drawer full of drawers (panties). and bras. (goodhousekeeping.com)

danielle robinson of the minnesota lynx reads this troll question at :

why ain’t nobody tell me the wnba draft is on?

ain’t replaces didn’t in this negative, past tense question.

skylar diggins of the dallas wings

skylar diggins of the dallas wings (popsugar.com)

at 1:15 skylar diggins-smith of the dallas wings pretty much (more or less, basically) just laughs at this offensive question

why do college women basketball players look way better than wnba players? it’s like they get ugly soon as they get drafted.

get in the phrase get ugly means become. soon as is a reduction of the expression as soon as, a comparative that means at that precise moment. get drafted is an example of get used in the passive voice. the players who get drafted are the object in this example. the subject (the teams that draft the players) isn’t really important to the idea and isn’t mentioned. draft means select.

juwanna mann dunking

juwanna mann dunking

seimone augustus of the minnesota lynx is critical of a comment that confuses the noun honesty with the adverb honestly at 1:27.

i honesty stopped really following the wnba after juwanna mann left. when u understand honesty and honestly, then u can come holla at me.

juwanna mann was a fictional character and the title of a movie about a man who disguises himself as a woman to play professional basketball. holla is a reduction of holler, which means shout or yell. holla at me is a popular expression that means talk to me, contact me. it’s also the title of this song by 2pac.

finally, at 1:54 gabby williams of the chicago sky tells a male troll who is joking about menstruation

u get a menstrual cycle, and then u lol.

get means have, acquire. lol is an abbreviation for laugh (laughing) out loud.

trolls on the internet

trolling women about their periods? not cool, troll.

are u a fan of the wnba? how do u feel about women athletes? are the men who troll them on line funny? share your views under leave a reply

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