cool vocabulary from spider-man: far from home

spider-man: far from home came out this weekend. while there are probably many spiderman movies, spidey’s popularity is a great opportunity to accumulate some new vocabulary. and don’t worry, no spoilers, it’s all in the trailer

  • there is an exchange between happy hogan and aunt may that ends like this at :17

new dress?

yes it is. how’d u know?

new dress? is a reduction of the question is that a new dress? how’d is a contraction of how did. how’d u probably sounds like one word, but it actually represents 3

a photo that hints at romance between happy and aunt may

happy and aunt may both use reductions in the trailer

fun efl practicerichyrocks english on youtube

  • from :27 to :42, u can hear the noun trip used 3 times. trip in this usage is an excursion. travel is not correct to use here (a travel to europe), but it is a common mistake. DON’T DO IT
  • at :35 peter parker says

peter parker here to pick up a passport

6 p sounds in a little more than a second is a clear example of alliteration. pick up means get.

pizza pickup selling pizza

picking up a pizza
  • peter parker and mj exchange these words at :52

u look really pretty

therefore i have value? i’m messing with u. u look pretty too.

pretty in this context is attractive; NOT fairly or relatively as in the phrases pretty good, pretty smart or pretty sneaky. therefore means for that reason, thus. mess with means play around; she’s not serious.

peter parker & mj

peter thinks mj looks pretty & vice versa
  • peter’s friend ned leeds responds to a comment peter makes about mj at 1:04. ned’s response is cut off (interrupted) and he passes out (loses consciousness) but before he does u can hear…

it reminds me of the first time i fell in love. i had just finished….

remind means that peter’s situation makes ned remember. fall in love refers to the process of recognizing feelings of love. fell is the irregular past tense of fall. i had just finished is past perfect. had is an auxiliary verb. finished is a past participle.

reminders on an iPhone

your phone can remind u to do things. the first reminder here is ‘pick up rental car’
  • nick fury at 1:21 tells parker

put some clothes on.

put clothes on is the same as get dressed.

spiderman in his underpants

put some clothes on, spidey. jesus

and when peter asks fury if ned will be alright, fury’s answer is

u might wanna turn him over so he doesn’t swallow his tongue.

might means maybe. it’s a modal auxiliary verb. wanna is a reduction of want to. turn over means position him on his stomach with his mouth facing down. swallow means pass through the esophagus and down the throat. the tongue is the organ that we use for tasting and licking.

sexy selfie with tongue out

selfies with the tongue out are popular
  • peter observes at 1:30 that

nick fury just hijacked our vacation.

hijack means steal and use for a different purpose. ned thinks the hijacking is awesome (excellent, cool). notice that peter parker says vacation NOT vacations, which is a common spanglish mistake based on the spanish expression vacaciones. the plural vacations in english is used only when we actually are talking about multiple vacations.

european vacation blu ray

another movie about a european vacation (NOT vacations)

u got gifts, parker. but we have a job to do. are u going to step up or not?

u have got can be expressed with the contraction you’ve got which is often reduced to just u got, as seen here. this have got structure is equivalent to have. it’s a particularly good example here because in the next sentence fury uses have. u got in the first sentence expresses the same idea as we have in the second sentence. step up means do what needs to be done even if it is difficult.

meme of lady with text: step up or shut the fuck up

  • finally, at 2:25, flash thompson describes spiderman like this

he’s like ironman and thor rolled into one.

rolled into one means spiderman is a combination of ironman and thor.

using a mobile phone

a mobile phone is communication, information, navigation and entertainment all rolled into one.

after mj asks him why he has such strong feelings for spiderman, thompson explains

he looks out for the neighborhood, has a dope suit and i really respect him.

look out for means watch, protect. dope means cool. ironically, thompson then greets peter parker with this insult

what’s up dickwad?

dickwad is like loser, but harder and more vulgar because dick is a synonym of penis.

cat meme with text that reads: shut up, dick wad

have u seen spider-man: far from home? is it an epic film? or are there too many spiderman movies? share your opinion under leave a reply


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