toluca lyric 9: take me home for christmas

toluca lyric 9 is an analysis of the lyrics of a new 2020 christmas song—-dan + shay‘s take me home for christmas.

toluca lyric 9 is full of valuable vocabulary phrases and words that are emphasized with graphics in the video. listed below are some additional points to help u get even more from toluca lyric 9.

as mentioned in toluca lyric 9, calls take me home for christmas a combination of country and r&b. like the graphic in the video shows at :13, r & b stands for rhythm and blues. the weeknd might be the most globally recognized r&b singer of the moment.

because dan of dan + shay  refers to their fans as you all instead of y’all, there is doubt at :37 in toluca lyric 9 about the authenticity of take me home for christmas as a country song. y’all is a common contraction of you all and sounds more authentically country.  it is used as the plural of you.


+ can be used to show a romantic relationship between two people.  for this reason, i  thought dan + shay might be a couple–a  fella (man/boy) named dan and a  gal (woman/girl) named shay.  in fact, dan and shay are both men and not a couple.

a red heart with the text fanny + shaq

+ means fanny and shaq are in love

joanie and chachi were the eponymous couple of the 80s tv series joanie loves chachi. they were musicians trying to make it big in chicago, but the show only lasted one season. sonny and cher had a huge hit, i got u babe, in the 60s and hosted the tv show the sonny and cher show in the 70s. one year during a christmas special for the show, cher sang this popular christmas carol.

in 1975 sonny and cher divorced and cher became more famous on her own.

damn! is used at 1:20 in toluca lyric 9 to show surprise that a country, r&b or christmas song would focus on a gay couple.  romantic songs in any of these genres are almost exclusively about heterosexual couples.

get together means gather socially. it’s implied at 1:25 in toluca lyric 9 that dan and shay will be getting together intimately. but as the take me home for christmas video continues to play, it’s obvious that i misread (interpreted incorrectly) the situation.

the lyric show me round your town from the chorus of take me home for christmas includes the reduction round for around. there are other reductions in toluca lyric 9. kinda is used at 5:00 and marked with a graphic. it is used a couple other times as well. and there are a LOT of reductions of have/has got (we got christmas trees lighting up, at  3:12 for example) throughout the video. can u identify them or any other reductions?

light up means illuminate, turn on the lights. it is used in the chorus of this popular 2020 song from drip report…

light up, light up skechers, light up, light up my world

at 2:25 in toluca lyric 9, the observation that in a town, it usually snows, like, in the whole fucking town demonstrates that when talking about the weather, we use the subject pronoun it.

kmart used to be a more important retail store than walmart, but those days are gone.  in fact, kmart has closed most of their stores. thus the comment at 2:45 that the kmart ain’t there no more. the comment we used to  go down to kmart to watch the snow fall is not serious. nobody would do that.  and go down is a common expression that, like the graphic says, means go in that direction. kmart was not at the bottom of a hill 🤣

the kmart logo

dress up, used at 2:55,  is a phrasal verb that means put on specific clothes or a costume and leave out, a phrasal verb that means omit, is used at 3:30 to mention that baby jesus is not included in the lyrics of take me home for christmas.

lil baby jesus and his mother mary vocabulario en inglés

dan + shay left lil baby jesus out of the lyrics of take me home for christmas

plenty of christmas songs don’t mention baby jesus, but it’s slightly weird that dan + shay give the lyric  you’ll check every box off of my list a very  important place in the chorus of take me home for christmas.  despite what toluca lyric 9 says starting at 3:30, checklists are not really an important christmas tradition.

listen to the pronunciation of desperate at 4:35. it’s only two syllables and the -ate is pronounced with the shwuh sound. the word is NOT desesperate, although it would be logical for spanish speakers considering the spanish equivalent is desesperada.

four desperate housewives vocabulario en inglés

desperate but NOT desesperate

the final comments are that the song’s author can’t drink tequila. this is a reference to dan + shay’s 2018 hit tequila. the lyrics explain that the taste of tequila is a painful (it hurts) reminder of an old girlfriend.

and all of these vocabulary words and phrases that appear in toluca lyric 9 have also appeared in previous posts on puke, shit,  randomly,  twas, used to + verb in the past, ain’t,  jolly,  although, count on,  truth be told,  rip off and piss,

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