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toluca lyric 6 analyzes the cool vocabulary in the lyrics of sunflower, the global hit by swae lee and post malone that appears in the movie into the spiderverse and uses a sunflower as a metaphor to talk about relationship problems.

additional info about the vocabulary….

  • the graphic at :25 asks what first caught my attention about the lyrics in sunflower. caught is the irregular past tense of catch. what caught my attention means what made me notice.

guy looking at one sunflower

in a field of sunflowers, one sunflower caught his attention. and he killed it. (

the graphic like miles morales i was like at :29 uses the word like in two different ways. the first usage means similar to. the second is introducing the dialogue that follows. in into the spider verse, miles morales tries to sing the first verse of sunflower, but he only recognizes the phrase needless to say and the word nevertheless. these two words were also the first thing to catch my attention about the song. the complete lines at the beginning of swae lee’s verse are

needless to say, i keep her in check
she was all bad-bad, nevertheless

like the graphic in the video shows at :45, in check means under control. the lyric actually says keep her in check, toluca lyric 6 says keep it in check. needless to say means it’s unnecessary to mention or obvious. nevertheless is used for contrasts. it’s similar in meaning to but, however, anyway or though.

miles morales singing

miles morales singing sunflower in into the spider-verse

though is presented twice in graphics during the analysis of the swae lee verse at :55 and at 1:07. both graphics contrast that the relationship is bad-bad but the desire to have sex still exists. the difficulty of walking away from a toxic relationship after calling it quits is a strong theme, maybe the strongest, in swae lee’s verse.

former new england patriot tight end rob gronkowski decided to call it quits. he's retiring from the nfl

after winning super bowl liii, tight end rob gronkowski decided to call it quits. (youtube)

callin’ it quits (mentioned in toluca lyric 6 at :47) means breaking up, ending the relationship and can also be applied to decisions to end any type of activity.

the use of wreck and crash in the same line (from :50-1:15 in toluca lyric 6) is interesting. both can be used to describe a car accident. only wreck is used to describe a person with personal issues though. like the graphic at 1:00 says, crash in this context means stay at my house.

trainwreck movie poster      

trainwreck is the title of a popular movie starring amy schumer, bill hader and lebron james.

grip is hold tightly. losing your grip (1:15) as an idiom is frequently referring to a grip on reality. losing this grip means acting irrationally. later, at 4:20 in toluca lyric 6 the expression come to grips with is used in reference to miles morales understanding his role as spiderman.

trip, used at 1:20, means losing control of emotions, acting irrationally.

a girl tripping over a dog

this is tripping too

from 1:24 to 1:42, the use of l and w represents loss and win respectively.

flying the w at wrigley field

it’s a tradition to “fly the w” at wrigley field, home of the chicago cubs, when the cubs win.

the lyric in sunflower is

someone took a big L don’t know how that felt

felt is the irregular past tense and participle of feel. take an L is important in the lyrics of big sean‘s rap bounce back. this line is repeated multiple times

last night took an L but tonight i bounce back

bounce back means recover.

starting at 1:48 the word refuse appears as part of the lyric

some things u just can’t refuse
she wanna ride me like a cruise
and i’m not tryna lose

refuse means say no. ride me means she wants to have sex. tryna is a reduction of trying to. in toluca lyric 6, i’m not is replaced by ain’t. they have the same meaning. ain’t is less formal.

a tab of lsd on a tongue and a psychedelic background

this is another kind of tripping.
  • post malone’s verse talks about the complications of maintaining a relationship. these lyrics appear in toluca lyric 6 at 2:38

fightin’ for my trust and u won’t back down
even if we gotta risk it all right now

trust means she is fighting so he will believe or have confidence in her. gotta is a reduction of have got to, and is another way of saying have to. two similar reductions are used at 2:47 in the video. the phrases post malone got a show and post malone gotta go are both reductions of has got and could be substituted with just has. even emphasizes how serious this girl/sunflower is about not backing down (conceding, quitting). back down is used the same way in the title of this famous tom petty and the heartbreakers song.

  • the first line of the chorus of sunflower is

you’ll be left in the dust

left in the dust is an expression that gives the idea of a vehicle leaving fast and thus propelling a bunch of dust into the air and leaving the sunflower far behind (a great distance in the rear). far behind is the title of this 90s hit by candlebox.

a silhouette (3:12  in toluca lyric 6) is the dark shape of an object in light.

the observation at 3:40 in toluca lyric 6 is that it is kinda weird (a little strange) that the love of the girl who is like a sunflower would be too much (excessive). sunflowers have deep roots (support of a plant underground) but only bloom (produce a flower) for two months, which is not a very long time to be in a relationship.

a couple walking on a beach in cuba

this is NOT tripping. this is travelling or taking a trip to the beach. (trip

there are a few other vocabulary expressions in the video that have previous examples on click to see these words in different contexts.

turn around (2:18)

lead to believe (3:20)

unless (3:15)

and stick by (3:25) is similar to stick with as used here.

richyrocks next to a graphic of turn around

toluca lyric 6 features roughly 20 seconds of turning around

do u have questions or observations about vocabulary in the lyrics to sunflower or the video toluca lyric 6? post them under leave a reply


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