dance your ass off, freeze your ass off, laugh your ass off etc.

the expression ass off preceded by a verb and a possessive pronoun means to do an activity with intensity.

for example, a few years ago dance your ass off combined two common reality show themes: dance competitions and weight loss.

hip hop pop duo lmfao definitely dance their asses off in the video for their extremely popular song party rock anthem

the name lmfao is a variation of lmao, an abbreviation for laughing my ass off, frequently used online to comment that something is really funny. the f stands for fucking or freaking. it is included only to catch people’s attention, the meaning doesn’t change.

lmfao dancing their asses off 

if u are feeling cold, it’s correct to describe your reaction to the environment by saying

i’m freezing my ass off

guy freezing his ass off
it is so cold that cartoon dude’s ass literally froze off. lmao 😀 (stuart carlson)

figure of speech (in the cartoon) is another way to say idiom or expression.

finally, pitbull and ne-yo‘s tribute to when they didn’t have money, time of our lives, says this in the chorus

i knew my rent was gonna be late about a week ago

i worked my ass off, but i still can’t pay it though

while “ass off” is a typical expression, in a highly formal situation, it could sound out of place.  exercise discretion 🙂

have u heard ass off used with any other actions? share your examples under leave a reply

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