nafta is not tlc. or maybe it is.

mexican president enrique peña nieto and new u.s. president donald trump were supposed to meet today to talk about how mexico is taking advantage of (exploiting) the political, economic and social realationship that the two countries have.  the meeting was cancelled after peña nieto unreasonably stated that mexico will not pay to build a wall on the border between the two countries, completely disregarding (ignoring) a promise trump beat to death (said a lot of times) during his presidential campaign.

a cartoon map of nafta
nafta seems real nice when it is presented in cartoon form.

in addition, trump has often bitched (complained) about nafta, the twenty-three year old north american free trade agreement between the u.s., mexico and canada. he says it’s a terrible deal for the united states and wants to renegotiate.

while nafta has taken advantage of mexico’s cheap labor force and brought several low-paying manufacturing jobs to mexico that used to be well-paid  jobs in the u.s., trump’s implication that mexico has the economic or political power in the relationship is ridiculous and offensive.  mexico is more economically dependent than ever on the united states, and president trump’s aggressive position has created an uncomfortable and uncertain environment.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

in mexico, any free trade agreement is usually referred to as a tlc (trato de libre comercio).  ironically, tlc in english stands for tender loving care, a nice, possibly romantic way to treat someone special but an inaccurate (wrong) expression to describe global commerce.

tlc: 90s popular music & fashion icons, but not a commercial agreement between nations (left to right: lisa, tionne & chili)

tlc was the name of a successful 90s hip hop trio.  the band’s name came from the names of the girls in the group, tionne, lisa and chilli, but it also fit nicely (was a good match) with the already existing abbreviation for tender loving care.  this trailer from a biographical movie shows that not everything in tlc’s history was totally tlc.

perhaps the most memorable un-tender loving care moment associated with tlc was when lisa lopes, aka left eye accidentally burned down her boyfriend’s house.  it was a widely publicized story because her boyfriend was atlanta falcon wide receiver andre rison. the movie version of how the fire started can be seen in the video at 1:00.

lisa “left eye”lopes burned down andre rison’s house in 1994, but it was an accident.

tlc also means something to pro wrestling fans, and the L does not stand for (mean) love. tlc is a special type of match featuring tables, ladders and chairs.  SPOILER ALERT:  this vid shows hated cartoon character caillou (a 4-year-old from canada) beating donald trump in a tlc match after 9 minutes of violence by climbing to the top of the ladder and taking the belt.

so nafta is closer to the tables, ladders and chairs or burn the fuckin house down version of tlc than the tender loving care concept, but no one uses the abbreviation  tlc in english to talk about international trade.

is andre rison’s burned out house somehow symbollic of nafta in 2017?

do u think president trump will destroy nafta?  will the american people show mexico some tlc? which type of tlc? share your predictions under leave a reply


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