infrastructure: a tik tok on peña nieto’s cruel, cringy legacy

the latest tiktok on the richyrocks english tiktok was inspired by former mexican president enrique peña nieto‘s unfortunate experience with the word infrastructure.

@richyrocksenglish el legado más cruel que dejó peña nieto a #mexico🇲🇽 #ingles #english #clasedeingles #englishclass #englishcoach #englishpractice #englishlesson ♬ IT HURTS! – San Holo

the first dialogue looks like it takes place (occurs) during an online meeting. it says…

yeah, hi. i’m super enthused. it’s an outstanding and ambitious endeavor and i’m 100% on board. at the same time, i’d just like to say that i believe it’s integral to never neglect the continuous upgrading of our…

outstanding means excellent. endeavor is an effort or an activity. on board  is used to show support. at the same time is for presenting contrasting ideas similar to nevertheless or but. negelct means not give enough attention to. upgrade means improve.

poster for the series lovecraft country vocabulario en inglés

lovecraft country was nominated for a sag award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series in 2021. have u seen it?

enthused is an abreviated form of enthusiastic. it is used in the first verse of biz markie‘s classic rap just a friend. at 1:15 in the video biz believes that the woman he’s interested in is enthused. she may be, but the conclusion of the song is that she is romantically involved with a guy who she claims is just a friend.

after an extended reel of peña nieto butchering (messing up) infrastructure that represents the images that pass through mexicans’ minds immediately before they have to say infrastructure, the reaction is

forget it. nah. never mind.

never mind is dismissing the previous dialogue due to (because of) insecurity about pronouncing infrastructure.

nevermind album cover vocabulario en inglés

nevermind is the name of the album that made nirvana famous in 1991

the final comment is read by a robot and talks about the impact peña nieto’s pronunciation has had on english speakers in mexico

the former president’s many failed attempts at properly pronouncing infrastructure led to a stigmatization of the word infrastucture that has affected at least two generations of mexicans.

former means peña nieto was president but isn’t now. properly means correctly. lead to means cause to happen. led is the irregular past tense of lead. has affected is present perfect and indicates that the infrastructure meme continues to affect english speakers in mexico.

quote meme of president enrique peña nieto's mispronunciation of infrastructure vocabulario en inglés

do u think of peña nieto when u have to say infrastructure in english? share your experience under leave a reply


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