‘should in the past’ in fun richyrocks tik toks

should  in the past (aka third conditional) frequently indicates a mistake,

             angry cat meme text reads i only asked for 1 million dollars i shoulda asked for 1 billion-should in the past vocabulario en inglés

for more examples of clever, shit and damn, click the word.  ish a softer way to say shit. 

👇🏽👇🏽this trio of tik toks was created with the usage of should in the past in mind— all three vids conclude with the phrase i should have said it in english.


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♬ What The …. Are We Saying? – 2012 Remaster/Explicit – Lenny Kravitz

the dialogue in this video is…

i shoulda said it in english. it was so goddamn loud in there though. i don’t believe anybody woulda heard me anyway.

goddamn is used to emphasize disapproval. loud means high volume, noisythough  justifies not speaking in english at the beginning of the video because of the noise. would have heard is third conditonal too–a hypothetical situation in the past because in reality, there was no english spoken.  anyway confirms that  it wasn’t possible to hear  in the first part of the video. shoulda and woulda are typical reductions in 3rd conditional: should have –>shoulda;  would have –> woulda.


idk #english #englishcoach #englishclass #englishteacher #ingles #englishpractice #existentialcrisis #existentialism #aliens #history

♬ Big Fun (Remastered) – Extended Mix – Inner City

in this vid, 4 aliens comment on the first part of the video.

  • the first alien says

the meaning is that humanity shall destroy itself.

shall is a modal auxiliary verb that means will in this context. itself is used to refer to a previously mentioned object, in this case humanity.

  • the second alien responds

u fool! wait…i’m confused. perhaps you’re right.

  • the third alien warns (informs of danger, gives a warning)

mark my words. it’s a call for human unity. and bellicosity.

mark my words is to tell people to listen and remember what the speaker says.  a call is a demand or a petition. bellicosity is a willingness to fight.

  • and the final alien smugly states (says in an excessively proud way)

it is a quite simple representation slash celebration of human resilience.

quite means very. slash means it is both a representation and a celebration. it should probably be written representation/celebration.

i should have said it in english refers to the beginning of the video that tracks human population growth during the last century. there are several sounds that form a kind of commentary, but no words.


something like this kinda happened in the 90s #english #vocabulary #englishcoach #englishpractice #englishteacher #englishlesson #vocabulario #ingles

♬ Show And Tell – Al Wilson

this entire dialogue is in spanish.  it’s based on the misunderstanding of the mexican expression 2,3 (dos, tres) which means not great, more or less.  this misunderstanding provokes an irrelevant answer…

really the new album has 14 songs (de veras el nuevo album tiene catorce rolas)

the subsequent derisive (mocking) laughter leads to the conclusion: i shoulda said it in english.

two lesser known songs by huge pop artists have should in the past (with said!!) in the title…

do u know any other examples of should in the past from music, movies, series or the internet? share them under leave a reply


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