ukraine & russia played a uefa semifinal days before invasion

rising geopolitical pressure between russia and ukraine coincided with an important international clash in the world of sport earlier this month. the headline of this associated press story by mike corder observed…


play out is a phrasal verb that means happens. is represented.

poster for the futsal euro 22--vocabulario en inglés

this match was particularly interesting because…

european soccer’s governing body, uefa, has ensured that ukrainian and russian teams aren’t drawn to play one another since 2014, the year russia annexed crimea. but in a written statement uefa said that the measure to keep teams apart “for obvious reasons cannot apply to the entire knockout stages of tournaments like the uefa futsal euro 2022.”

has ensured is present perfect (auxiliary has + past participle [ensured]). it is frequently used with since to refer to an action that happened in the past and continues to the present. ensure means guarantee. aren’t drawn is passive voice (auxiliary aren’t + past pariticple drawn). it is referring to an object (teams) receiving an action (drawn) not a subject performing the action. draw means select randomly.  a measure is a plan. the knockout stage is the elimination phase of the tournament — the winning team advances and the losing team goes home.

an illustration of a female football player standing with her right foot on a football--vocabulario en inglés

a football drawing (like this one) is different than the draw at a football tournament (

the novelty (unusualness) of the moment was recorded like this by corder

amid the simmering tensions between their two countries, five-a-side soccer teams from russia and ukraine face one another in the semifinals of the futsal european championships

and like this in an article in the moscow times 

[the semifinal] comes amid extreme tensions between the two countries as russia’s buildup of troops near the ukrainian border has raised fears of a potential offensive by moscow on its westerly neighbor

amid is used in both articles it means in the middle of. simmer means be right below the boiling point. five-a-side means futsal teams have 5 players; different than the 11 players on a standard football team. side means team. face means compete against. one another means ukraine and russia were opponents in the semifinals.

ukraine futsal team celebrating--vocabulario en inglés

ukraine’s side at the five-a-side euro2022

as means because in this scenario. a buildup is an increase (it’s related to the phrasal verb build up).  raise means increase too. westerly means ukraine is west of russia. the border is the imaginary line that divides ukraine and russia. it is used in the title of this elton john song from 50 years ago. u can also hear the idiom cup of tea which elton uses to say that he doesn’t like the cirucumstances he is in. listen at 1:00 for

won’t u please excuse my frankness but it ain’t my cup of tea

the president of russia’s futsal association emil aliyev didn’t want to talk about politics. corder described aliyev’s opinion in this way…

any suspense surrounding the match should concern the length of time since the two nations played each other, rather than the geopolitical backdrop,

surrounding means around. should means that’s what is correct. concern means be about. length is the noun equivalent of the adjective long. backdrop refers to what is happeningrather than shows a preference, in this case for focusing on how long it had been since ukraine and russia played in an international football competition vs the geopolitical situation.

a psychedelic image that appears to be a view of space from inside of a rainbow colored cave--vocabulario en inglés

check out this trippy backdrop for your desktop 🙀

and specifically, aliyev said

this is the nature of sports, in particular futsal — it is removed from politics.  it would be better if everyone sorted out their relationships — who is stronger or faster — on the sports field.

sort out means fix, resolve. it would be better if everyone sorted out is second conditonal i.e.  a hypothetical. in reality we don’t always sort out international relationships through sports.  russia won the match and a few days later invaded ukraine.

ron weasley meme the text reads she needs to sort out her priorities--vocabulario en inglés

an example of the phrasal verb sort out from an iconic ron weasley line from the harry potter saga

the english practice extra for this post is a tik tok that contains graphics for the following vocabulary: like, fuck, offspring, speaking of, talk shit, totes, border, cup of tea, pumped, weary, swindle, worth + -ing, pleased as punch and make sense of it. additionally, listen for examples of politics, fucking and goddamn  👉🏽 vocabulary that appears in other posts on

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there is also mention of the treaty of tordesillas (tratado de tordesillas en español) which was the political arrangement that divided the world between the portuguese and spanish empires in 1494.

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