roger waters’ concerts in mexico city

pink floyd founding memeber roger waters played 3 huge shows in mexico city last week. as has been widely reported in the media, during his performances waters shared several political perspectives.

roger waters victory pose
roger waters ran this headline

Roger Waters Slams Donald Trump, Mexican President in Mexico City Concert

and included this description

former pink floyd singer roger waters lashed out at republican presidential candidate donald trump.

slam means criticize. lash out is like chastise, attack.

peña nieto roger waters meme
hilarious in spanish, but not funny translated into english. says that waters

called out mexico’s president enrique peña nieto

call out means challenge or hold responsible.

roger waters
while he was in mexico, roger waters called outlashed out & slammed politics & politicians. also referred to waters slamming peña nieto and trump, and observed that

the estimated 200,000 people who turned out for the concert applauded as messages came up on the screen. one message said “renuncia ya” (resign now), referring to a citizens’ petition that calls on peña nieto to step down.

turn out means attend. come up means appear. step down is resigning from or leaving a well-recognized position.

roger waters tells enrique peña nieto, "resign now"
waters asking peña nieto to step down in spanish (@ArmanyCASA)

it’s worth mentioning that waters final plea (urgent request) for peña nieto to resign took place right in front of the national palace, perhaps the most iconic government structure in mexico.

fun english practice :) richyrocks on youtube

fox latino also informs that for the song another brick in the wall,

a group of children wearing t-shirts with the message “derriba el muro” (tear down the wall) [joined waters]on stage in an even more direct criticism of trump, who has vowed to build a wall on the border with mexico to keep out illegal immigrants and drug traffickers.

wear is the correct verb for clothes, NOT use. it’s a common spanglish to confuse wear and use based on the verb usar in spanish.  DON’T DO IT!  tear down means completely destroy, demolish. vow is a strong promise. keep out means don’t allow to enter.

tearing down the berlin wall
tearing down the berlin wall

pink floyd’s signature inflatable pig was present as well, covered in phrases meant to bring attention to the ayotzinapa massacre of two years ago when 43 students disappeared and were likely (probably) executed. local and global groups remain dissatisfied with the official investigation/explanation of the tragedy.

pink floyd pig in mexico city zocalo
a flying pig in mexico city

and during the song fearless after referencing injustices in palestine and the united states (ferguson) the words on the screens behind the band are

if u are not angry u are not paying attention.

this is a good opportunity to mention another common spanglish.  put attention is a popular bilingual albur (the first two syllables form the word “puta”–prostitute in spanish), but pay attention is correct english.

if u are not angry u are not paying attention.

are u a pink floyd/roger waters fan? check out the playlist from roger’s free show in the mexico city zocalo here.

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