the samsung galaxy note 7 went up in flames

the samsung  galaxy note 7 is done. around a hundred units have  gone up in flames (started on fire), and samsung researchers have been unable to figure out (find a reason) why.

burned-out-galaxy-7-note says the new york times claims samsung doesn’t know why several units of the galaxy note 7 went up in flames.

a post by rich mccormick on reporting on an article in the new york times has this headline

Samsung has no idea why the Note 7 keeps catching fire, NYT claims                                         

claim means that the new york times said it, but it is not verified as a fact.  actually, the new york times headline is much less sensational.

bugs bunny making elmer fudd’s gun backfire with his finger (

the subheading of the post on reads

battery bet backfired

the original explanation for the phone fires was defective batteries. it was a risk (bet) to announce this; later it ended up not being true.  backfire indicates that samsung’s attempt to placate the public had the opposite effect.  the article provides more detail.

unable to replicate the problem, and with reports of flaming devices mounting up, samsung initially concluded the problem was with some of the phones’ batteries, blaming a “minor manufacturing flaw” at its affiliate samsung sdi. the replacement models, shipped out in mid-september, exclusively used batteries from a different supplier (atl), but had their own problems. just days after the replacement units hit the market, the supposedly safe phones also started to ignite, prompting the company to issue a full recall of the device. even now, it seems samsung can’t pinpoint what the defect was.

mounting up is increasing. blame assigns responsibility for a mistake. a flaw is an imperfection. ship out means send in this context. supposedly means generally assumed. ignite means start on fire. prompt is like provokeissue frequently means problem or subject, but in this case it means formally communicate. pinpoint means identify with precision.

fun efl practice :) richyrocks on youtube

car ignition button
some cars start with an ignition button. ignition & ignite are closely related. (john lamb, getty images)

so the galaxy note 7 has been discontinued. obviously, samsung’s bottom line (profit) has been impacted.

the effects of the note 7 withdrawal have already hit samsung’s finances: the company today slashed its third-quarter profit forecast by a third after originally indicating it wouldn’t have too big an impact on its takings. in the meantime, investigators conducting their own research into the note 7 believe that replacement phones may have caught fire due to a new flaw in the ATL batteries, different to the problem identified in the Samsung SDI cells

wtihdrawal means removal. slashed is cut. a forecast presents predicitons. too is excessive.  takings are earnings, $$. in the meantime means at the same time, meanwhile. research is analysis, investigation. may have caught fire expresses a hypothetical possibility in the past. due to is the same as because of.

cell phone research
a cell phone researcher (getty)

i don’t really like the sound of different to. i am more used to different from or different than, and to me, different from and different to seem like opposites. however, guy keleny at effectively defends diffferent to here.

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