canelo vs khan: ‘mamadas’ in english & boxing $$

saul alvarez, aka canelo, successfully defended his wbc middleweight title after a spectacular, slightly scary 6th round knockout of challenger amir khan saturday night.

canelo knocks khan out in the 6th round
canelo knocked khan out in the 6th round (david becker/getty images)

several observers were impressed by khan’s efforts against the naturally bigger alvarez. after the fight however, khan was overshadowed by the presence of gennady golovkin, aka ggg, of kazakhstan.  also a middleweight champ, golovkin watched the fight ringside, and then climbed into the ring for the post-fight festivities.

oscar de la hoya with a legit lol after canelo said 'mamadas'
lol: canelo said ‘mamadas‘! (

when asked about a potential fight with triple g during the post-fight interview in the ring, alvarez got a big reaction from the crowd when he said

como decimos en mexico, hay que dejarnos de mamadas.

literally, this can be translated as let’s stop sucking or enough with the blow jobs (oral sex). there are several popular informal expressions in mexico based on the verb mamar (suck) that don’t directly translate into english.

gennady golovkin at the canelo/khan fight
gennady golovkin at the alvarez/khan fight (andrew couldridge/reuters)

in the ring, canelo’s feisty (lively, provacative) comment was translated as

in mexico, we don’t fuck around.

it captured the emotion of the moment well. fuck around is a phrasal verb that means

however, i prefer the translation in hesiquio balderas‘ article for, let’s quit the bullshit.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

alvarez continued, saying he invited ggg to the ring and was prepared to put his gloves back on and fight him right there. in spite of (despite) canelo’s rhetoric (words), balderas observes

it won’t be easy to make the golovkin fight, but canelo repeated again a willingness to fight him.

willingness means alvarez is available and ready to fight ggg. balderas also uses a lot of useful phrases to elaborate on the financial realities of the sport

boxing is a business first. and while the fans are blaming alvarez for the holdup in making the golovkin fight, there’s nothing wrong with alvarez the fighter. the canelo industry is a well oiled machine that keeps advancing at high speed.

blame means fans are saying it’s canelo’s fault for the holdup (delay). well oiled machine is an expression that references how efficient canelo’s team is at making money.

canelo walks toward khan
saul alvarez is a well-oiled machine in and outside the ring (john locher/associated press )

balderas also says

saul alvarez is making big bucks for everybody in the boxing business. he represents huge revenue streams for nevada and for mexico.

and finally

canelo is not only a great champion, he’s also the cash cow.

big bucks means a lot of money. a revenue stream produces income, and a cash cow provides consistent income.

a literal cash cow
a literal cash cow

did u watch this fight?  do u believe alvarez and golovkin will fight each other next? or was canelo’s rhetoric typical boxing bullshit to build the public’s interest and anticipation (like the ‘fight of the century’ between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao)? share your opinons under leave a reply




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