canelo vs ggg (and chavez jr)

last weekend in las vegas, the fight between saul “canelo” alvarez and julio cesar chavez jr. was hyped as an intriguing showdown between the two biggest names in mexican boxing,  it was not. canelo easily handled chavez jr. in a unanimous decision.

canelo vs chavez
confusion: the best part of this fight was the announcement of canelo’s next fight

vince langford at the fort worth star telegram called the contest lopsided (not competitive) and a drubbing (horrible defeat) and included this stat :

alvarez had a 228-71 edge in punches landed.

edge means advantage. land means connect

canelo lands a punch to chavez jr's face
canelo lands a punch to chavez jr.’s face during their lopsided match. (ap)

langford observes

nobody is surprised that saul “canelo” alvarez easily defeated julio chavez jr. on saturday night in a match that perhaps never should have been made.

canelo punching chavez in the face
it was an easy fight for canelo that didn’t put his golden goose [the ggg fight] at risk. (erik verduzco, las vegas review journal)

it’s pretty simple. the promoters knew if they put this son of a legend [chavez jr.] in the ring with another mexican fighter, a mexican fighter that’s one of the top 10 fighters in the world, they knew that the great latino fan base would come out, and that means pay-per-view numbers, that means money. and what they also knew is that theywould not risk their golden goose, the triple g fight would still be safe.

atlas’ analysis contains various examples of 2nd conditional, the structure used to present hypothetical scenarios.

if they put two mexicans in a fight they knew…..

the latino fan base would come out

they would not risk  the golden goose

the triple g fight would still be safe

a golden goose, like a cash cow, provides a consistent income.

the golden goose from the movie "puss in boots" with puss, humpty dumpty & kitty softpaws
the golden goose mistakes humpty dumpty for one of her golden eggs in the movie puss in boots.

but now that the julio cesar chavez jr. fight is behind him, what’s next for canelo? fans didn’t have to wait long to find out.  triple g entered the ring with the victorious canelo to announce that the two will fight on september 16 (mexican independence day). brian campbell at noticed some elements of pro wrestling in the canelo show

there’s an old trick in the scripted world of pro wrestling, where the sins of an otherwise disappointing night of entertainment can be erased as long as the fans are sent home happy with a late swerve and exciting ending.

pro wrestling is a sensational, fighting sport that is more entertainment than competition. scripted means it follows a script, it is not happening spontaneously. otherwise as it is used here indicates that the match was disappointing except for ggg’s appearance. as long as means provided thatswerve means a deviation. in other words, by imitating the showmanship (entertainment style) of wrestling, canelo’s team made the fans forget the boring fight they had just seen by immediately beginning to promote the next one, which promises to be much more competitive.

the rock

the rock was a pro wrestler before he became a movie star.

campbell expands on this idea

the axiom will always remain true: If u build it, they will come. and they will spend. and they will willingly come back again and again.

an axiom is a true statement or principle. willingly means they will be happy to do it.

the headline also echoes the same idea

Canelo-GGG reminds how good boxing can be when it embraces the entertainment side

remind is used when something external provokes a memory. embrace means accept, usually enthusiastically.

kevin costner in a corn field from the movie "field of dreams"
“if u build it, they will come” is a line from the movie field of dreams.

a headline on mentions the time it has taken for canelo and golovkin to finally schedule a fight

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin will be worth the wait

worth the wait means the quality of the fight will justify how long it took to happen.

canelo & ggg pose to promote their september 16, 2017 fight

canelo started promoting his fight with gennady golovkin just a couple hours after his easy victory over julio cesar chavez (erik verduzco, las vegas review journal)

who will win?  cbs sports reported

Canelo vs. GGG odds: Gennady Golovkin an early favorite in the superfight

odds are probabilities. favorite in this context refers to who is expected to win.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

do u have opinions about boxing or either one of these boxers? who do u think will win the fight?  share your observations under leave a reply


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