landing punches & other important landings

after a unanimous decision over miguel cotto last night, saul ‘canelo’ alvarez is now the wbc middleweight champion.

canelo celebrating victory over cotto landing
canelo celebrates his victory over miguel cotto.  (ap photo/john locher)

some fans saw the fight as more competitive than the judges did, but sports illustrated reported

canelo was credited with landing 155 of his 484 punches (32%) while cotto hit canelo with 129 of the 629 punches he threw (21%), according to compubox.

throw is a typical verb to use with punch and throw a punch is a typical expression.

canelo landing a punch against cot to
canelo landing a punch to the side of cotto’s head (ap photo/john locher)

land refers to the punches that actually hit the opponent.

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in addition, many analysts and canelo himself commented that he landed more powerful punches than cotto. verified this

[canelo] landed 40 percent of power punches against cotto (118-of-298). cotto landed 75-of-255 for 29 percent.

in spanish, canelo communicated this idea with the verb conectar saying he connected on more power punches,. this is a common way to say it in english too. for example, stephen a. smith of espn tweeted this after the fight…

the action land is the point of interest here, though.

a standard application of the word is in relation to an airplane returning to land. in spanish the idea is that the airplane returns to earth. the action aterrizar is based on tierra; earth.

plane landing
a plane landing

all of the following situations are also landings in english. spanish, however, frequently uses a different word.

an aquatic landing or landing on water is known in spanish as amarizar or acuatizar, inspired by the spanish words mar (sea) and acuático/agua (aquatic, water).

float plane landing
a water plane can land on water  (

lunar or moon landings (NOT mooning–which means showing your ass to people) in spanish are can be described with the verb alunizar based on the spanish word for moon, luna.

moon landing
walking on the moon, otherwise known as the alleged apollo 11 moon landing (nasa)
bart simspon mooning landing
“mooning” means showing your ass to people, not going to the moon.

landing on mars is sometimes reported in spanish as amartizando because mars in spanish is marte.

curiosity rover landing on mars
an animated depiction of the curiosity rover landing  on mars (nasa)

and a big stair in a stairway is also known as a landinga place to land, turn and go down more stairs. in spanish, it’s called a descanso or rellano. these words have nothing to do with aterrizar at all.

stairway landing
a place to land on a stairway (

do u know any other ways to use the word landing?  share your examples under leave a reply

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