the will of the willing and the unwilling

this video is a series of scenes from big bang theory s02e15, the maternal capacitance featuring leonard’s mother, dr. beverly hofstadter.  she uses forms of the word willing twice.

willing means glad or ready to do something.

at 3:30 she asks leonard’s girlfriend penny,

would u be willing to fly to new jersey and discuss your relationship with your parents during a brainscan? 

leonard and beverly hofstadter willing
dr. hofstadter unwillingly showing affection for her son 

and at 1:11 dr. hofstadter tells sheldon that the physiology of her brainscan is fairly unimpressive. sheldon doesn’t believe her, to which the dr. replies

your unwillingness to accept empirical evidence suggests an attempt at flattery

sheldon beverly karaoke willing
in the video, sheldon & dr. hofstadter sing an absolutely horrible duet

in other words, leonard’s mom thinks sheldon is insincerely praising her (flattery) when he refuses to believe (unwillingness) the brainscan (empirical evidence).

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

willing, sexy bachelor is a song from cartoon network‘s recently cancelled china, il; s03e10, magical pet.  at the end of the song, frank, the willing bachelor (single guy) also describes himself, among other things as unique (original) and classy.


sinead o’connor‘s most famous song, nothing compares 2 u (written by prince) uses willing at 3:35 in a way typical to re-starting a relationship

i know that living with u baby was sometimes hard, but i’m willing to give it another try

and one of bob marley‘s most famous songs is this love? uses the expression i’m willing and able in the chorus

on the other hand, on echo and the bunnymen‘s track the killing moon u can hear these existential lyrics twice

soon you’ll take me up in your arms
too late to beg u or cancel it
though I know it must be the killing time
unwillingly mine

and the root for both willing and unwilling, will (intention, dedication) appears in the chorus as a contrast between human desire (will) and a divine plan (fate).

fate. up against your will


finally, a few days ago on an insider blog, a headline for a post about an article by sean deveaney at said 

Lakers unwilling to part with young core

the los angeles lakers are much improved this season, but not great. nevertheless, they will not trade any of their talented young players including brandon ingram, d’angelo russell, julius randle, larry nance jr. and jordan clarkson.

larry nance jr. brandon ingram, d'angelo russell
at present, the lakers are unwilling to trade larry nance jr., brandon ingram & d’angelo russell among others.

how strong is your will to perfect your english?  are u willing to practice all the time? which example above is the most memorable?  share your comments under leave a reply


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