ass profile pictures

the latest video on the richyrocks youtube channel tackles (attempts something difficult) a perplexing (difficult, confusing) question: why do people use ass photos for their profile pictures?

a guy balancing on his ass
ass is the body part that we sit on (

ass is the part of your body that u sit on  😀  also known as butt, rump, bottom, booty, backside and a few other names.

the video provides 5 explanations and a lot of useful vocab, starting with profile pic, a common short version of profile picture.

the intro uses the word spitballing to describe where ideas in the rest of the video come from.  spitballing is the same as brainstorming or spontaneously presenting ideaswisdom (knowledge that comes from experience) is used sarcastically a few seconds later.

spitball can also mean a little piece of paper formed into a ball with saliva. wolowitz shoots a spitball at sheldon at the end of this clip from the big bang theory.

the discussion of the second reason states this reality

the face is overwhelmingly the most common part of the body used in profile pictures.

overwhelmingly means by a lot; no other body part is close to the face in terms of profile picture usage.

bruce lee on showing off
don’t show off your brand new ass to bruce lee, fool. 

the third reason, plastic surgery, suggests that the motivation for displaying an ass photo can be wanting to

show off your brand new ass

show off is exhibit or brag about. brand new is an expression that means totally new.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

the fourth point, ass fans or freaks, has the most educational material.

at 1:55 the reference to arnold schwarzenegger is accompanied by a clip from carnival in rio, a short video in which arnold proclaims his love of the carnival and his favorite body part, the ass.

arnold smoking a joint in "pumping iron"
arnold schwarzenegger smoking a joint in the documentary pumping iron

arnold may or may not have been high (intoxicated) on weed (marijuana) at the time. the mention of marijuana was inspired by another famous youtube video taken from the end of the documentary pumping iron.  after schwarzenegger won the 1975 mr. universe competition, he enjoyed a joint (marijuana cigarette) while having dinner with the rest of the competitors.

donkey bridge
in the first shrek movie, donkey was worried this bridge wasn’t sturdy enough to cross

some ass fans demonstrate an admiration for a sturdy ass (2:00). sturdy means strong or well built. as the richyrocks video notes, a sturdy ass is crucial in many important jobs including lifting heavy shit. in this context, shit means things or stuff.  it does NOT have a negative intent.

listen for this comment at 2:11

there are any number of jobs that require a proficient ass

any number of means many. proficient is expert or competent.

represent is a fashionable way to say that u support or willingly symoblize something. rapper nas may not have been the first person to use represent this way, but he definitely contributed to its popularity.

finally, at 2:28 the observation

there’s bound to be controversy

anticipates disagreement with the 5 reasons presented in the video. bound means it’s probable.

lovely black female butt
would u give a “like” to this profile picture? (

can u think of any other reasons why people use ass photos as their profile pictures? share your opinion under leave a reply




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