shoulda, woulda, coulda in a popular fifa14 song about oral sex

the latest video on my youtube channel analyzes the lyrics of the song hit it by american authors from the fifa14 soundtrack, most importantly the use of the expression shoulda, woulda, coulda

leonel messi was on the cover of fifa14

  • get the hang of it (:15) is an idiom that means learning or figuring something out that may be a little difficult. the idea in this video is that hit it can help u to understand the expression shoulda, woulda, coulda, and on top of that, past modals in general.

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how long does it take to get the hang of playing fifa? (
  • though is used to present contrasting ideas. it’s similar to but; but different because but always appears between two ideas. though can appear between two ideas, but also at the beginning and end of phrases, like in this video at :57

maybe i shoulda made this video 18 months ago when fifa14 was new. everybody’s still playing fifa14 though, right?

  • one thing led to another (:33) is an expression that indicates a chain of connected events and ended up (:35) is a phrasal verb that is used to mark the end of a series of events; specifically in the hit it lyrics– going to a party, having some drinks and at the end, getting a blow job (oral sex).

so, as the video asks, where is the blow job in this song?

go down is a phrasal verb that can mean give oral sex. three times in the song u can hear this line

no way out. i met your best friend. she went down and i shoulda made my move. with u.

the title hit it is also sexual.  while it is a typical way, particularly in music, to say “let’s begin”, it is also an expression used to describe having sex with someone; or in this case, regretting not having sex with someone (i shoulda, i wouldai coulda but i didn’t hit it).

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