toluca lyric 7: old town road (part 3)

there are still a few details in toluca lyric 7 that attention. so welcome to part 3

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

toluca lyric 7 analyzes the lyrics of 2019’s biggest hit, old town road by lil nas x and billy ray cyrusImage result for cowboy emoji

ass can be a synonym for butt or an insult for an insensitive person but in the phrase weird-ass fucker at 1:25 in toluca lyric 7, ass is a suffix added to weird for emphasis. ass is often added to adjectives for this effect.

meme of a panda leaning on a tree stump that has a beer on it. the text reads: i am one drunk ass pandas. and pandas say weird ass shit when they drunk

drunk-ass panda thinks he is more than one panda 

in part 2 of toluca lyric 7, there is an example of how ain’t can be used to replace negative uses of be in the present tense (at 3:35–>i guess billy ray ain’t hannah montana’s daddy no more–which is a double negative too, btw). at 1:55 there are two more examples of how ain’t can be applied. in the lyric u ain’t been up off that porch, ain’t replaces a negative usage of the auxiliary have in present perfect (u haven’t been off that porch). and in the comment u ain’t gotta whip a porsche, dummy; ain’t replaces the negative auxiliary have in the have got structure (u haven’t got to whip a porsche–gotta is a reduction of got to).

hannah montana cigaretteshannah montana cigarettes? that ain’t a good idea.

an outfit is a set of clothes worn together. it’s used at 2:50 in toluca lyric 7 to describe the combination of a designer brand gucci cowboy hat and working class/cowboy fashion brand wrangler jeans. outfit is used more frequently to describe womens’ or kids’ clothes than mens’ clothes. booty is a synonym for ass and butt.

an array of outfits for ladies

4 different outfits (

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blown away (5:10) means impressed, amazedvibe, used at 5:11 as part of the expression country vibe, means feeling. in the phrase u gon’ love it at 5:22, gon’ is a further reduction of the reduction gonna; like gonna, gon’ indicates future. and in the phrase see y’all back here real soon at 5:25 y’all is an informal contraction of  you all that represents second person plural and singular.

a state of texas t-shirt that says "hola y'all"

representing texas country culture (y’all) & mexican heritage (hola)

what’s your feeling about the song old town road?  are there lyrics in old town road that are still confusing to u that are not discussed in toluca lyric 7 parts 1,2 or 3? share your observations under leave a reply


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