oracle’s lawsuit against google drags on

oracle‘s $9 billion lawsuit (pronounced 9 billion dollar lawsuit) against google may not be resolved any time soon.  the suit (legal action) stems from google’s use of java apis (application program interface) to develop the android platform. kate conger at reports

oracle logo--lawsuit
oracle is one of the biggest software producers in the world (the logo is from oracle’s twitter account)

alphabet ceo and google co-founder larry page defended his company’s development of the android platform during an ongoing legal battle with oracle. oracle sued google in 2010, claiming that android developers copied sections of proprietary code from java. google has maintained that the code in question was open source and free for its engineers to use, and that the implementation of the java code in android was transformative enough……to fall under fair use.

ongoing means continuing.  sue is take legal action. claim indicates that oracle says that, but it is not necessarily a fact. open-source code is free for anyone to use.fall under in this case means that google’s use of java’s apis can be classified or considered legal. fair means just, as in justice; or legitimate.

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conger continues about page’s appearance in court last week

page testified that he had little knowledge of the engineering details of android that are at issue in this case, despite the fact that the lawsuit has now dragged on over the course of five years. however, he disputed oracle’s assertion that google stole its intellectual property when it used java declaring code in android.

drag on means move very slowly. however; similar to but, though and nevertheless, is used to present contrasting ideas.  declaring code establishes the names that will be used in a program.

oracle v google
does google owe oracle for using java to create android? (

declaring code is an unfamiliar phrase to most of us without experience writing code, but it was important vocabulary during larry page’s testimony.

google's larry page
larry page: declaring code isn’t code. (justin sullivan/getty images)

quentin hardy at the new york times tells that page declared

for me, declaring code is not code.

hardy adds that

google says it made fair use of that code and owes nothing.

owe means has a debt, must pay.  MAKE SURE u distinguish between owe and own. own refers to holding a property and is almost the opposite of owe. in this scenario, oracle believes that they own the java apis and google owes them $9 billion (pronounced nine billion dollars).  on the other hand, larry page argues the java apis google used to build android were open-source.

google inside heart symbol--lawsuit
what’s at the heart of oracle’s lawsuit against google? (

the new york times article has two good examples of how heart is used to represent what is essential. the headline says

Oracle-Google Dispute Goes to Heart of Open-Source Software

and later in the article

open-source technology is at the heart of many current innovations, from google’s android to the hardware going into giant cloud-computing data centers.

pamela samuelson, a law profesor at the university of california, berkeley  explains

the open-source community will heave a huge sigh of relief if google wins, and will be very worried if oracle wins.

heave (or breathe) a sigh of relief is an expression that means being able to relax because a negative prospect has ended or been avoided. if the impact of an oracle victory is a reduction of open-source codes, smaller companies with less cash will have a more difficult time surviving.

sigh of relief--oracle lawsuit
heaving a sigh of relief

do u know any other details about this lawsuit?  who do u want to win? share your perspectives below




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