classy is an adjective that means showing high character or stylish.

a famous example is the line ron burgundy closed his newscasts with in the movie the anchorman:

u stay classy san diego.

it sounds highly ironic considering the insults that follow.

super bowl xlix and the 2015 grammy awards have also provided examples this month.

new england patriot quarterback tom brady received a shiny red chevy colorado pick-up as a prize for being named mvp of super bowl xlix, but generously gave it to teammate malcolm butler as a symbol of gratitude for his goal-line interception in the final minute of the game.

malcolm butler with his new truck (instagram/patriots)

this article from reports that a general motors spokesman applauded brady’s action, and added an awkward promotion for the colorado

it’s a classy move and a good fit for the truck. malcolm’s interception was a game changer, and the chevrolet colorado has been a game changer in the pick-up truck segment.

a good fit means they go together well or that butler represents the chevy colorado well.

respect artistry, man.

after beck won the award for best album at the grammys last weekend, kanye west told e! entertainment that

beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to beyoncé

should have given is a hypotheical in the past (3rd conditional) and indicates that kanye believes beck made a mistake accepting his award. as an artist he should recognize beyoncé’s album was superior. beyoncé was also nominated for the grammy for best album.

beyonce 2015 grammys classy
beyoncé lost to beck, but she did win 3 other awards. (

many observers in addition to kanye were surprised beyoncé didn’t win, including beck himself. this article from rolling stone reports that beck’s reaction was

i thought she was going to win. come on, she’s beyoncé!

and that

[beck] has kept classy and dignified throughout the drama. And despite being majorly dissed by west, he isn’t holding a grudge.

throughout means from start to finish. dissed is short for disrespectedholding a grudge is staying angry and planning revenge.

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube

in fact far from holding a grudge, beck had this to say in response

u can’t please everybody, man. i still love him and i think he’s a genius. i aspire to do what he does.

what do u think?  was it classy of tom brady to re-gift his mvp prize? are u a fan of beck, beyoncé or kanye?  who should have won best album? was beck dissing artistry because he didn’t give his award to beyoncé? are the grammys even important? share your comments other leave a reply




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