canelo vs ggg 2

i wasn’t planning to say anything about canelo vs ggg 2.0 here on, but the english tris dixon used in his recap (summary) on deserves (should get) your attention.

publicity for canelo ggg 2

the article opens…

so that is that. everything has been settled. it might take a while for the dust to settle in the desert.

that is that (that’s that) marks the end of a discussion; there is nothing more to say. might means maybe. the dust settling is an expression that means letting the excitement and adrenaline of the moment calm down. the desert is a reference to the fight being in las vegas, which is located in the mojave desert. has been settled is present perfect passive voice. been is an auxiliary, settled is the past participle of settle. there is no subject.

fun english practice  🙂 richyrocks english on youtube

when the dust settles, literally, it looks like this

everything has been settled is an ironic description of the situation. the decision after this year’s canelo/ggg fight was only slightly less controversial than last year’s. so it is definitely not settled who the best middleweight in the world is and dixon talks about the probability of a third match between the two boxers.

canelo and ggg embrace at the end of their second fight

see u on cinco de mayo, amigo (erik verduzco/las vegas review-journal)

dixon’s analysis starts like this

let’s try to untangle what happened in the t-mobile arena.

untangle means make it easier to understand. the t-mobile arena was the venue (location) for the fight.

canelo avoiding ggg
canleo staying out of harm’s way (al bello/getty images)

the article describes the general styles of the two fighters…

golovkin was straightforward, a blunt instrument snapping shots into canelo’s face and stepping to the side, out of harm’s way….canelo landed with bigger swings. they dazzled. even if he was being outworked his shots stayed longer in the memory.

straightforward means direct, not complicated. a blunt instrument is a heavy, powerful weapon or tool that is not sharp, like a hammer or a club. out of harm’s way (the opposite of in harm’s way) means not at risk, not in danger. land, in reference to punches, means connect. dazzle means canelo’s punches were spectacular, amazing.

ggg punching canelo  

swapping shots

dixon was particularly impressed with the action in the eighth round

round eight might have been the pinnacle of the fight. they swapped shots, taking turns like kids on a seesaw. the pace was hard and both were breathing heavily at the end of the frame.

might have been is 3rd conditional, i.e. hypothetically, possibly the 8th round was the pinnacle (best moment) of the fight. swap means trade. take turns is alternate. a see-saw, also known as a teeter-totter, is a playground toy (see below). pace is velocity, rate. breathe is the action of respiration. frame is another way to say round.


dixon is effusive (very enthusiastic) in his praise (admiration) of canelo, but sympathizes with the runner up (second place, i.e. ggg). both fights were conveniently and lucratively scheduled to coincide with mexico’s independence celebration, noche mexicana, which definitely favored canelo.

everyone knew that if there was to be any benefit of any doubt that the kazakh would not be the recipient…one could comprehend why he blew off the post-fight interview. u could feel his heartbreak and disappointment, with such little official acknowledgement for his efforts.

benefit of the doubt means accepting one of the two fighters as the winner even if they didnt clearly win. kazakh is the nationality of people from kazakhstan, golovkin’s homeland. blow off means not participate. such emphasizes the low level of acknowledgement (recognition) that golovkin received from the judges.

triple g and the mexican flag
ggg is becoming a noche mexicana tradition

finally, the article acknowledges the dark side of boxing

in fights like that no one deserves a silver medal….but overall, talks of robbery, hometown decisions, youth being favoured and the cash cow repeatedly getting the nod paints a damning picture of boxing, one that has been hung on our wall of shame for years. and that is certainly not where that fight belongs. not when the dust settles.

robbery (the noun equivalent of the verb rob) implies the fight was stolen or corrupt. a cash cow produces consistent revenue. get the nod is get selected, in this example, selected as the winner. paint a damning picture means boxing looks guilty of being corrupt. has been hung is another example of present perfect passive voice. wall of shame is the opposite of hall of fame. shame is extreme embarrassment, humiliation.

canelo shushing the crowd at t-mobile arena after his majority decision against ggg
haters painting a damning picture of boxing–shhhhh! (ap)

what do u think? when the dust settles will the canelo/ggg fights be considered historically great boxing matches or will they hang on the boxing wall of shame? or will there be a different interpretation? share your analysis under leave a reply




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