bryce dallas howard’s high heels in jurassic world

the high heels (sometimes called just heels) that bryce dallas howard wears throughout the runaway hit jurassic world have been a focal point for fans and reviewers of the film.

jurassic world high heels
bryce dallas howard face to face with indominus rex 

in this video from the late,late show with james corden, dallas howard,and her jurassic world co-stars chris pratt and irrfan khan chat with corden about her footwear in the film.

she explains

honestly i trained for running in heels as if i was in the olympics. like, i was just like, “this is a life and death situation here, like, i better be sorted.”

for is a preposition. verbs following prepostions must be in -ing form, thus running. as frequently is the case, for running could be substituted with to run. as if means like, she wasn’t really in the olympics, but she trained that way. better, used as a modal here, indicates a strong recommendation that bryce made to herself. sorted in this context means ready and confident.

high heels mud jurassic world
bryce dallas howard wearing the wrong kind of footwear for the situation (chuck zlotnick/universal pictures)

she also divulges that she overcame (defeated, mastered) the difficulty that she has with high heels in her everyday life.

fun efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

corden shares a story about his wife having to walk a few blocks in high heels in new york city and telling him

if i’d known i had to walk, i would never have worn these shoes

this is a nice example of the third conditional which is used to imagine hypothetical situations in the past. it gets a laugh from corden’s guests and the audience because human movement generally requires at least some walking.

chris pratt running in heels
chris pratt demonstrated that he can run in high heels too if necessary   

and pratt compliments bryce’s attitude while working on the movie when he says she was a total trooper. trooper can be used to refer to a police officer or a soldier but in this case it refers to persistence or grit.

stormtroopers force awakens
storm troopers from the upcoming star wars: episode vii– the force awakens    

in the video below from the reality show wife swap, an iowa father regrets that he and his kids ate cooked food for the first time in a year. after the whole family gets sick, he cries uncontrollably and calls the kids troopers.

do u have any experience wearing high heels? have u seen jurassic world? what did u think about bryce dallas howard’s character spending the entire movie in high heels? share your comments under leave a reply


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  1. I recently hurt my ankle again using loafers because I am used to wearing heels which make me conscious of my movements and my surroundings, and on the contrary, with the loafers I did not pay attention and almost sprain my ankle.
    I miss my heels! and do not like wearing flats too frequently.

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