guillermo del toro says better call saul is better than breaking bad

breaking bad, the story of how chemistry teacher walter white gradually becomes an important figure in the world of crystal meth production and distribution. was one of the most absorbing (intriguing, fascinating) series in the history of american television. better call saul. the backstory (personal history) of walter white’s lawyer saul goodman, is a prequel (preceding story, the opposite of sequel) to breaking bad.  jimmy mcgill (saul goodman’s given name) is the protagonist of better call saul, and the series focuses on jimmy’s relationships with his girlfriend kim wexler and his brother chuck.

saul goodman and walter white in front of a billboard of saul goodman

saul goodman & walter white

while better call saul has not quite achieved the popularity of its predecessor (what came before, i.e. breaking bad) at least one prominent fan believes comparisons between the two shows are now apt (appropriate, relevant). earlier this week this year’s academy award  and golden globe winner for best director, guillermo del toro, tweeted…

downfall means end, fail. fall from gracetumble means fall. a contrarian intentionally looks for a different opinion than the majority. stakes is used to show that walter white’s evolution involved bigger, more obvious risks. jimmy’s transformation is illustrated through situations that are more ordinary, or day to daystrike means that’s the way del toro sees it. poignant means touching, evoking emotion; it has a tricky pronunciation–check it here.

del toro had more to say…

kim is key means she is the element that makes the story so poignant. enabler means jimmy allowed or helped his brother chuck continue believing in his condition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. diminished means not at full strength. laid out means presented.

jimmy mcgill giving kim wexler a shoulder massage on better call saul

kim is the key: how will better call saul turn out for her?

in an article on, dustin rowles takes del toro’s idea a step further (advances it)….

in breaking bad, we saw in walter white — an anti-hero — break bad, and we were rooting for him to succeed. he was a guy we wanted to win, so we took huge satisfaction in the fact that he vanquished his enemies…..even though we found his death a fitting end, we nevertheless rooted against characters who stood in his way

root for/against means cheer, that’s what u want to happen. vanquish means defeat. even though and nevertheless are used to present contrasting ideas, similar to but, though and although. fitting is apt, correct.

rowles continued with his idea…

fun efl practice  🙂 richyrocks english on youtube

better call saul is completely different. we know that jimmy is going to break bad, but we’re actually rooting against that certainty. we don’t want jimmy to become saul, and every step he makes toward the inevitable breaks our hearts a little. the reason that kim is the key is we are rooting for her to save jimmy or, at the very least, avoid becoming collateral damage in his downfall. the big surprise through four seasons, however, is how successfully [series creators] peter gould and vince gilligan have been able to create tension where we already know the outcome…..but we don’t know how things will turn out for kim, so she in effect becomes our hero.

actually means in fact. it does NOT mean now, like actualmente in spanish.  a certainty will happen for sure. toward means in that directionavoid means stay away from. collateral damage means audiences don’t want to see kim killed by drug violence as jimmy becomes saul. however is another word used for presenting contrasts.  outcomes are results. turn out is like happen. in effect is like in reality.

kim wexler and jimmy mcgill--better call saul

even though the show is called better call saulin effect, kim wexler is the hero

a final observation to help your english evelopment 

the title of rowles’ article is

Why Guillermo Del Toro Thinks ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Better Than ‘Breaking Bad’

this is an excellent contrast between better as a comparative (better than) and better as a modal (better call saul).

saul goodman--better call saul, breaking bad
we know that the outcome of better call saul is that jimmy mcgill will become saul goodman

have u seen breaking bad and/or better call saul?  do u agree with guillermo del toro and dustin rowles that though different, better call saul is better than its predecessor? share your views under leave a reply




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