how the beatles tried to make 1968 better

better is easily recognized by english learners as the comparative for good, as used in the song hey jude by the beatles. the first line says

hey jude, don’t make it bad. take a sad song and make it better

and their song revolution, contains an example of better used as a modal in this lyric at 2:25 on the video below

u tell me it’s the institution. well, u know, u better free your mind instead

when better is used as a modal, it is followed by the simple form of a verb and indicates a strong or urgent recommendation.

fun efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

ironically (or harmoniously), these two songs were released together as a single in the summer of 1968.

a photo for the beatles single hey jude/revolution

the beatles’ recommendation: u better free your mind.

it was a welcome effort by the beatles because some really shitty (bad) things were going down (happening) that year. in north america alone (only there), the assassinations of  martin luther king jr. and robert f. kennedy two months apart provoked violent protests across the country and in mexico city, just before the start of the olympics, several hundred peacefully protesting students were killed and disappeared by the mexican government during the tlaltelolco massacre.

there was a general, worldwide political unrest (trouble, chaos) and the beatles’ international audience clearly appreciated the dreams of making it better and everything being alright (the chorus of revolution).

do u like either one of these beatles songs?  do u know any other songs by other artists that use better as a comparative or a modal? share your opinions/musical selections under leave a reply


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