“salirse con la suya” in english

a friend of richyrocks.com asked for analysis of the spanish phrase salirse con la suya. there are quite a few possibilities

  • get away with means not suffer consequences for negative actions. it’s a phrasal verb associated with the typical ending to scooby doo episodes when the unmasked villain, showing no remorse (repentence, regret) says

and i would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for u meddling kids

this comment utilizes 3rd conditional (would have gotten away with it) AND 2nd conditional (if it wasn’t). meddling means interfering or sticking your nose in someone else’s business,

there are thousands of versions of this scooby doo trope (common theme, motif). for example…

scooby doo fred reveal trump to be putin

scooby doo fred reveals trump to be hitler

meme: democrats have asked fred to look into the russian meddling in the 2016 election

look into means investigate.

  • get + possessive pronoun + way refers to who makes the final decision when multiple people have input on the result.

i always get my way meme

lucille ball with get her way face rihanna meme before and after she gets her way
4 ladies talking about getting their way.

bae is a boyfriend, girlfriend or special person; short for baby. due to is because of.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

en su primer partido del mundial, frente al campeón alemania [el técnico juan carlos osorio] se salió con la suya.

this headline from la ovación is talking about peruvian footballer paolo guerrero winning the opportunity to play in the world cup after a questionable doping ban (he was prohibited from playing becuase he tested positive for cocaine that he drank in tea) threatened to keep him out…

Paolo Guerrero se salió con la suya y va a Rusia

and espn used salirse con la suya when they reported on success for gennady golovkin in the negotiation of his upcoming fight with saul “canelo” alvarez with the phrase as well

al final del día gennady golovkin se salió con la suya y saúl “canelo” alvarez tuvo que ceder

  • let off the hook (release) can also be translated as salirse con la suya. after a loss to the chicago bears during the 2006 nfl season, arizona caridinals coach dennis green famously used the phrase because he was frustrated that the cardinals had a good chance to win the game but blew it. listen for the last line green says in this video.

get + possessive pronoun (mine,yours, his, hers etc.) is another possibility for salirse con la suya. for more analysis of this idiom, click here.




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