get mine, yours, his, hers etc

a friend of requested a post about how to say the spanish expression salirse con la suya in english. read about several possibilities for salirse con la suya in english here. another option,  get + possessive pronoun (mine, his, hers, yours, ours, theirs), means obtain what is needed, intended or desired and has enough cool examples to fill this post by itself.

cool efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

the opening scene of the classic movie the rocky horror picture show features a wedding in the u.s. state of texas. after the couple is married, they drive off (leaves) in a car that says wait til tonite. she got hers, now he’ll get his on the side. the idea being that the wedding was what janet, the bride (woman getting married) wanted and wedding night sex was what brad, the groom (man getting married) wanted.

a car with

the car from the wedding scene of the rocky horror picture show

2pac‘s 1993 track gotta get mine with mc breed is about hustling i.e. making a living (earning income) by any means on the streets. the first line of the song is repeated many times

i gotta get mine, u gotta get yours

mark wahlberg, known in 1991 as marky mark, raps this in the second verse of good vibrations

ima get mine so get yours
i wanna see sweat comin’ out your pores

ima is a reduction of i’m going to. sweat is perspiration. pores are the little holes in skin that sweat comes out of.

the first verse of the doors song five to one is less specific and more existential. what do u think it means?

five to one, baby, one in five
no one here gets out alive
now, u get yours, baby, i’ll get mine
gonna make it, baby if we try


get yours, mine, ours etc. can also have a different meaning than salir con la suya.

public enemy‘s 1987 single you’re gonna get yours gives the idea that negative energy and bad deeds (actions) will be punished i.e. karma or what goes around comes around.

m/a/r/r/s‘ raido hit pump up the volume samples public enemy

and the beastie boys use you’re gonna get yours in reference and reverence (respect) to public enemy at 1:21 in their song egg man

frank sinatra recorded a song back in the day called you’ll get yours


get mine, yours etc. is not exclusively old school though. taylor swift‘s popular song from 2017 look what u made me do talks about the media’s exaggeration of her lifestyle and contains jabs at (insults for) kanye west, his wife kim kardashian and katy perry. the lyrics at 1:48

one thing’s for sure
maybe i got mine, but you’ll all get yours

check out these other karmic examples of get mine, yours, etc




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