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belong means be a part of or be the property of.  despite this repressive definition,  belong is an incredibly common word to hear in popular music. in fact, there are actually SIXTEEN (the tiktok says 15) wonderful songs in this post and u can see 14 other lit (cool) belong songs here.

socks that say u belong right here--vocabulario en inglés belong songs

the socks are right. u belong here listening to these belong songs 😎  (onegirlstudio.com.au)

the use of belong in this track from harry stylesdebut (first)album indicates that the couple in the lyrics should be together even though their relationship isn’t perfect. listen around :25 for…

we don’t know where we’re goingbut we know where we belong

in the second verse of this iconic 60s pop song the turtles want affirmation over the phone that the love of their life belongs to them.

if i should call u up, invest a dimeand u say u belong to me, and ease my mind

ease means relax, calm.  a dime is ten cents in the u.s. u could make a phone call for a dime in 1967.

the weeknd has a couple of belong songs in his catalog…

the best things in life are free is an american standard recorded by many artists. the first lyrics of the song that the moon and the stars belong to everyone. this version is by guitar legend les paul and his partner who was also his wife at the time,  mary ford.

belong by r.e.m. is from the same album as their most famous song, losing my religion.

john redcorn, a character from the animated series king of the hill, is also the title of this cut about a complicated relationship by the american singer sir. around 1:00 in the video the lyrics  say…

she don’t believe me when i tell her that i need her
guess i shoulda stayed where i belong
’cause once u make it back to your happy home, i’m alone

the first line of the chorus of john denver‘s beloved classic take me home, country roads is

country roads take me home to the place i belong

the track freedom  ’90 was a successful effort by george michael to rebrand himself (change his image)  in the world of pop music. two lines of the chorus say…

all we have to see
is that i don’t belong to u, and u don’t belong to me

keke palmer, star of the hit movie nope,  feels the same way. pretty much

keke palmer in the movie "nope"--vocabulario en inglés belong songs

nope (starring keke palmer) belongs on the lists of the top movies of 2022

the title of this 38 special song is a typical plea (urgent request) to an old partner after a relationship has finished…

mariah carey feels kinda the same way on this one, which was one of the biggest hits of the 2000s.

russ‘s song  breathe  is about vulnerability and a reluctance (doubt) to  show real feelings in a relationship. at 1:42 u can hear…

damned if i do, damned if i don’tdrank tequila, i can’t drive homehard to play cool, heart belongs to u

damned if i do, damned if i don’t means there is no good option.

love me tender is one of elvis presley‘s most famous songs and the name of his first movie as well.  at :50 in this video from the movie, elvis sings

love me tender, love me long
take me to your heart
for it’s there that i belong
and we’ll never part

in the scene,  elvis’ family gathers to sing together.  elvis does most of the singing though.  his three brothers have just returned from the civil war where they fought on the side of the confederacy, a plotline (main part of the story) that does nothing to help elvis’  bad image with african-americans.  believing that his oldest brother vance had died in the war, elvis  married vance’s girlfriend cathy.  vance accepts this tragic confusion, but can’t bear to listen to the end of love me tender. cathy doesn’t enjoy the song either.

becky g‘s song and the movie it comes from, spirit untamed, are both about finding where u belong.

and logic‘s song black spiderman was inspired by the online racist reaction to donald glover‘s campaign  to be spiderman in 2010. the song promotes and celebrates diversity and inclusion and question the absurdity that spiderman couldn’t be black.  the lyrics at  3:00 give an idea of this…

i feel like i don’t belong
i feel like my life is wrong
i feel like i don’t know what’s up
what’s up?

which one of these belong songs do u like best?  share your opinion under leave a reply

[the tiktok message from richyrocks at the top of the post contains examples of belong, an embedded question, fuck expressions and shows how to pronounce the word genre. though the title of the tik tok says there are 15 songs on this post, there are actually 16 🙀]


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