post malone and mark wahlberg talk tattoos

the recently released netflix film spenser confidential stars tattooed rockstar post malone and a former rapper who has had several tatoos removed, mark wahlberg. a huffington post article by ron dicker describes an interview that wahlberg had with james corden. this was the headline…

Mark Wahlberg Says He Advised Post Malone To Remove His Tattoos

advise is a verb that means recommend. the equivalent noun, advice is used in the title of this video of corden and wahlberg’s conversation.

advice is uncountable in english. the spanish word consejo can be pluralized e.g. (for example) unos consejos. but u CANNOT say advices in english.
spenser confidential movie poster
the caption under the headline in the article tells why wahlberg decided to remove his tattoos…

the “spenser confidential” star said “maturity” and “sensibilitycompelled him to get rid of his own [tattoos].

wahlberg uses the word sensibility here to indicate practicality, responsibility. compel means force. get rid of means eliminate, remove.
mark wahlberg before he got rid of his tattoos--vocabulario en inglés
mark wahlberg before he got rid of his tattoos
dicker writes that in the video

wahlberg recounted a painful five years getting his eight or nine tattoos erased

recount means tell. painful means that wahlberg suffered through the process of getting rid of his tattoos.
a guy kicking another guy in the balls--vocabulario en inglés--painful
that’s painful!
at :54 in the video wahlberg talks about the impact his advice about tattoos had on post malone.

u know what? he’s now since added more to his face.

since refers to the time that passed from their conversation about tattoos until wahlberg’s interview with james corden. the first verse of post malone’s popular song congratulations uses since twice. listen at :21 in the video below…

my momma called, seen you on tv, son
said shit done changed ever since we was on
i dreamed it all ever since I was young
they said I wouldn’t be nothing
now they always say, “congratulations”

seen is incorrect grammatically, but a common substitution for saw. shit in this context means things. done changed emphasizes the magnitude of a change. ever before since is for emphasis too. wouldn’t be nothing is a double negative that is also considered bad grammar, but typical, especially in popular music.

fun english practice richyrocks english on youtube

dicker’s article offers an explanation as to why post has tattooed his face so much. in an article in gq, malone…

bared his soul about his face tattoos…calling himself an “ugly mother fucker” and suggesting he got the ink done to help his self-esteem.

bared his soul means post was totally honest. mother fucker is a hard, vulgar insult; use it with discretion 🧐

samuel jackson is famous for saying lines that include mother fucker

get ink done is another way to say get a tattoo. it is used by the offspring in the lyrics to their hit pretty fly (for a white guy). listen at 2:07 for…

now he’s gettin’ a tattoo, yeah, he’s gettin’ ink done

malone admits his affinity for tattoos might come from insecurity.

…i don’t like how i look, so i’m going to put something cool on there so i can look at myself and say, ‘u look cool, kid,’ and have a modicum of self-confidence when it comes to my appearance.

a modicum is a small amount. when it comes to is used to talk about a specific point, in this case, post malone’s appearance.

post malone in spenser confidential

is post malone less of an ugly mother fucker with his face tattoos?

what do u think about face tattoos or tattoos in general? share your opinion under leave a reply

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