coming around, get what’s coming, comeuppance & another thing coming

look at all these different expressions that use come!

on a recent post here on the expression what goes around, comes around was mentioned as a definition for get yours while explaining how to say salirse con la suya in english. justin timberlake‘s song with that title was about a cheating (unfaithful) girlfriend who is then cheated on by another guy.

cool efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

carly simon‘s hit song coming around again is not about karma. coming around  in the title of carly’s song means that she believes that love returns. at 1:35 the chorus says

i know nothing stays the same, but if you’re willing to play the game

it’s coming around again

so don’t mind if i fall apart. there’s more room in a broken heart

willing means prepared, disposed to.  fall apart means lose control emotionallybroken heart is used to refer to a sad person, usually as a result of a failed relationship.


get what’s coming to u is a common variation of get yours, it can be used to talk about revenge against bullying, like it was in many tweets immediately after this viral video featuring keaton jones was posted at the end of last year.

and the episode clean up of the netflix series american vandal  (s1 ep 8) has an exchange between suspended high school student dylan maxwell (jimmy tatro) and alex trimboli (calum worthy), the student who falsely accused him. listen at 1:00…

someday, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even the day after that. but someday you’re gonna get what’s coming to u, trimboli. oops. looks like it was today.


similarly, the word comeuppance implies karma or payback. last year many believed joe arpaio, the former sheriff of maricopa county (arizona, u.s.), would get his comeuppance for years of ruthless (cruel, unfair) treatment of immigrants in arizona. he was pardoned by president trump though.

nelson getting his comeuppance on the simpsons

simpsons bully nelson got his comeuppance after mocking a tall man in a small car

in the simpsons episode homerazzi (s 18 ep 16) homer becomes a paparazzi photographer and threatens local celebrities to be nicer to fans (declares bad intentions if they don’t do what he asks). at :10 in this video clip he says

how do u want your comeuppance? 8×10 or wallet size?

8×10 and wallet size are photo sizes.


finally, u got another thing coming is a direct, often aggressive way to say u are mistaken. it’s the title of a well-known cut by judas priest.  at 1:37 the chorus says

if u think i’ll sit around while u chip away my brain
listen i ain’t foolin’ and u better think again
out there is a fortune waitin’ to be had
u think i’ll let it go? you’re mad
u got another thing comin’

chip away means gradually diminish. ain’t is an informal way of saying is not that is very common in popular music. foolin’ is a reduction of fooling and means not being serious. better is a modal auxiliary verb and better think again is a strong recommendation to rethink. waiting to be had means it is available to take.  let go means not take, dismiss. mad means crazy (not angry in this context).

is the difference clear between these variations of come? do u have questions?  post them under leave a reply


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