lopez obrador asks spain & the pope to apologize

yesterday, mexican president andrés manuel lopez obrador commemorated the 500th anniversary of the spanish conquest of mexico with a video.

president lopez obrador at the mayan ruins in comacalco with his wife beatríz gutierrez

lopez obrador and his wife beatríz gutierrez commemorating the 500th anniversary of the conquest in mexico

local.es reported it like this

spain’s centuries of dominance in the new world, backed by the catholic church, leapt from the history books to the headlines when mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador called on spanish king felipe vi and pope francis to apologize for the conquest and the rights violations committed in its aftermath.

back, used as a verb here, means support. leapt is the irregular past tense of leap, which means jump. it is pronounced like kept or slept. call on means demand, request. apologize is say you’re sorry. it’s a verb. aftermath is the consequences of a negative event.

diego rivera’s vision of the aftermath of the conquest

spain’s response, which came almost immediately, was conveyed in the headline…

Sorry not sorry: Spain rejects Mexico’s demand for apology for colonial abuses

reject is the opposite of accept. demand, different than demandar in spanish which implies legal action, is insist. apology is a noun. don’t confuse the plural apologies with the previously mentioned verb apologize. sorry not sorry is a fashionable phrase used when an apology is expected but not going to happen. it’s used as the title of this popular song by demi lovato.

offically, the spanish government said

the government of spain deeply regrets that the letter the mexican president sent to his majesty the king, whose contents we firmly reject, has been made public. the arrival, 500 years ago, of spaniards to present mexican territory cannot be judged in the light of contemporary considerations. our two brother nations have always known how to read our shared past without anger and with a constructive perspective.

regret means sorry, sad or disappointed. but of all the actions spain could have mentioned that they regret in their history with mexico, they instead regret that lopez obrador’s letter to the king became public. even if we accept the spanish government’s argument that the conquest of 500 years ago cannot be judged by modern standards, clearly mexico, the victim of colonization, has more to be angry about.

spanish conquistador with sword raised against indigenous mexican

it’s just a conquest. and 300 years of colonization. don’t be mad.

but lopez obrador ain’t mad. reuters.com ran this headline earlier today.

Mexico president wants no beef with Spain, hints at other apology requests

beef in this context is a fashionable way to say a conflict or a fight. lopez obrador isn’t looking for conflict or confrontation with spain. hint is indicate, suggest.

hernán cortes

hernán cortes: any regrets? ( album / sfgp)

the hint that lopez obrador gave was when he was asked by a reporter if he would request apologies from france or the u.s. for intervening in mexico.

lopez obrador interrupted the question and said: “in time.”

in time means later but not right now. additionally, amlo said that as mexico’s president…

he would ask forgiveness for historic abuses and murders committed against indigenous mexican peoples [by the mexican government after independence], including the yaqui in the north of the country and the maya in the south.

and added

power is humility

forgiveness is the noun associated with the verb forgive. the suffix -ness makes it a noun. ask for forgiveness is another way to say apologize.

sorry not sorry

what do u think? is it true spain cannot be judged for offenses committed hundreds of years ago? or does spain need to ask mexico for forgiveness?  is power is humility a wise perspective for a modern president? share your feelings under leave a reply


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