smart penguins buy diamonds

a popular christmas ad for kay, “the number one jewelry store in america” focuses on a penguin mating ritual (activities that promote or lead to reproduction). male penguins looking for love present female penguins with a pebble (little rock).

this video from the richyrocks youtube channel is a redub of the original kay christmas commercial

the female penguin comments that the pebble doesn’t shine (it’s not bright like a diamond).

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube

rihanna‘s big hit is based on the lustre (shine) of diamonds. it encourages everyone, probably even penguins, to shine bright like diamonds


the female penguin further demonstrates her dissatisfaction with the pebble’s lack of shine when she declares, “i’m out” (a cool way to say i’m leaving), and walks away.

penguin love    penguin pebble presentation

if  u want penguin love, better not show up with a pebble, stupid penguin.

the announcer in the commercial promotes penguins embracing human materialism. he says

some male penguins are a little smarter than others

implying that smart male penguins who want to have sex give diamonds, not regular pebbles.

gollum precious penguin
another creature impressed by precious jewelry. could gollum be some type of penguin?

another lesson from the penguin video is that rejected (not selected) male penguins say mean things.

the rejected penguin feels dejected (sad, disappointed). he reacts strongly and calls the female a vain whore. whore is a synonm for prostitute.  vain means narcissistic. the male thinks the female is too worried about her appearance. one of the most famous examples ever of the word vain is this beloved song by carly simon

the first verse of the song describes a guy at a party looking at himself in the mirror–very vain behavior.

vain guy
the guy in the song only had one eye in the mirror, this guy has both. so vain. (shutterstock)

is the kay jewelers commercial cute (adorable)? or is it an inaccurate depiction of noble penguins?  share your thoughts under leave a reply


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