toluca lyric 5: all the stars (part 1)

toluca lyric 5 is now available on the richyrocks youtube channel! for a more complete experience, be sure to click CC to see subtitles in english and/or spanish.

the new video analyzes the song all the stars by kendrick lamar and sza from the movie black panther. i don’t care that much about who wins awards for songs, it’s hard and probably ridiculous to compare songs and say one is better than the other. however, i like all the stars much more than shallow, the song that won the oscar for best original song last weekend. thus the observation at :07 in toluca lyric 5 that all the stars shoulda won. shoulda is a reduction of the third conditional structure that is used to talk about hypothetical situations in the past. this is the music video for all the stars.

all the stars and toluca lyric 5 are both full of words that can make your english vocabulary more impressive. for example, at :11 the phrase cinematic delight. a delight is a joy or pleasure. it’s typical for native spanish speakers to say go to the cinema in english–similar to the phrase ir al cine in spanish. this isn’t necessarily wrong in english, but in american english go to the movies is standard. cinema is used to talk about the art of moviemaking. cinematic is the equivalent adjective.

fun esl practice richyrocks english on youtube

at :21 in toluca lyric 5, due diligence means necessary research.

so anyway is used at :58 to change the topic. but anyway, the title of this song by blues traveller, can be used the same way. so can the word anyway by itself.

anyways, the title of this song by the arctic monkeys can be used to change the topic of a conversation too.

there is a comment about the refrain in all the stars at 1:11 in toluca lyric 5–it’s kinda got like an autotune. kinda, a reduction of kind of, means the sound of kendrick lamar’s voice in the refrain is similar to autotune, but might not be. it’s got is a contraction of the has got structure (it’s=it has).

back in the day, used at 1:18 to talk about 80s/90s hip hop group salt n pepa, refers to the past.

salt n pepa n spinderella

salt n pepa back in the day

anything and everything (1:29) emphasizes everything.

look for haunt at 1:33. frequently it is used to describe the activity of ghosts. the refrain of all the stars uses it to talk about a feeling that doesn’t disappear; it lingers. haunted is used similarly in the lyrics of the song that won the best original song category at the 1987 academy awards. at 3:00 ta, the lyrics of re

haunted by the notion, somewhere there’s a love in flames

a line from kendrick’s verse, tell me what u gon’ do to me is shown in a graphic at 1:56 during toluca lyric 5. gon’ is a further reduction of gonna, which is a reduction of going to. it’s also a good example of the difference between say and tell. tell should include who is listening, usage of say should only include the speaker (say me is usually a mistake).

both fuck u and all your expectations at 2:02 and motherfucker, i don’t even like u at 2:36 include hard personal insults that use fuck. fuck is considered a vulgar way to express sexual intercourse. this song from south park: bigger, longer & uncut, created the insult uncle fucker a variation of motherfucker.

the south park movie had a song nominated for best original song at the 2000 oscars, but it wasn’t uncle fucker (shoulda been!).

the title of this popular cee lo green song, fuck u, is an insult for an ex-girlfriend.

the south park and the ceelo songs are both funny, but many people consider them offensive. exercise discretion using fuck u and motherfucker (or cocksucking, asslicking uncle fucker).

in the phrase motherfucker, i don’t even like u, even emphasizes the dislike. it has the same function at 2:04 in toluca lyric 5 where the all the stars lyric in the graphic is i don’t even want your congratulations. kendrick’s feelings about not wanting congratulations are strong. even is used the same way in the first line of this armand van helden track at :40…

u don’t even know me

entitled, seen in a graphic at 2:12 in toluca lyric 5, refers to people who believe they should automatically get special treatment.

kendrick uses ain’t twice in his all the stars verse. in confrontation ain’t nothing new to me (2:00 in toluca lyric 5), ain’t replaces isn’t. in the lyric i ain’t invite u, mentioned at 2:16, ain’t replaces didn’t.

the observation bet u ain’t seen that before at 2:25 is a joke presenting a third possible way to use ain’t–as a replacement for the auxiliary have or has in present perfect. there is in fact a fourth way that ain’t can be applied. at 1:51, in the line grammar ain’t got shit to do with hit songs, ain’t replaces have in the have got structure. the title and lyrics of nina simone‘s ain’t got no/i’ve got life uses this application of ain’t many times as well as i’ve got, a contraction of the have got structure.

the moral to the story (2:33 in toluca lyric 5) means a lesson related to ethics.

endorse (2:35) means support or promote.

finally, at 2:46 there is a graphic that displays kendrick’s lyric that’s how u find out who u dealing with. deal with means work with, tackle or confront. find out means discover information. there is another use of find out at 3:33 in toluca lyric 5. the line is

i found out that there are in fact alternate versions of sza’s verse.

and another in the chorus of beyoncé‘s song me, myself and i. it starts

me, myself and i, that’s all i got in the end
that’s what I found out

if u would like to find out more about the vocabulary in all the stars and toluca lyric 5, read part 2!!!! do u have any questions about the vocabulary in part 1? post them under leave a reply


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