toluca lyric 8: circles (part 2)

toluca lyric 8 is an analysis of the lyrics of post malone‘s global hit circles

let’s pick up where we left off (resume, start where we finished last time)….

the description fuckin’ weird is used at 2:00. means strange. fuckin’, a of fucking, is used for emphasis.

is used in the lyrics of circles. at 2:07 in toluca lyric 8 the idea of upside down is visually demonstrated and there is a reminder at 2:17 to be sure to check another post here on that talks about both upside down (with the top where the bottom should be) and a related adverb inside out (with the inside on the outside). inside out is the title of a pixar movie but does not appear in the lyrics of circles. thus (that’s why) the observation at 2:15 that this ain’t pixar, brother. replaces isn’t; it is considered poor grammar but it is used a LOT.

inside out movie poster--inside out idiom

in fact, ain’t is used in the lyrics to circles. at 2:34 in toluca lyric 8 the lyric ain’t too proud appears in a graphic. in my classes, it’s common for students to use too when they want to say very. this is usually a mistake as too refers to passing a limit or crossing a line in these contexts, but this lyric is an example of too meaning very. post malone ain’t very proud of being the bad guy.

the lyric i’ll be the bad guy now is sung at 2:20 in toluca lyric 8 and followed by like that billie eilish song. this is a reference to billie eilish’s gigantic hit bad guy.

at 2:40, emphasizes that post malone’s effort didn’t make any difference.

the first line of the second verse of circles, spoken at 2:47, is…

i gotta feeling that it’s time to let go

the idea of let go is illustrated in the video at 2:54 it means release, the opposite of hold on. i gotta feeling is a of i have got a feeling, the, which is the same as saying “i have a feeling”. it is the title and a lyric used several times in this popular song by the black eyed peas

the second line of the second verse in circles is…

i said so, i knew that this was doomed from the get-go

doomed means destined to fail. the get-go is the beginning. i said so gives the idea that post predicted this would happen.

legion of doom--doomed

if the legion of doom took over, we’d be doomed

make sure u don’t confuse thought (past tense of think) and though, an adverb used to present contrasting ideas in the lyric u thought that this was special but it was just the sex though (3:00). the use of but and though together is redundant, but common.

another word that is frequently confused with thought and though is through, which is spoken emotionally at 3:37 as part of the lyric

maybe u don’t understand what i’m going through

through, thought and though look similar, but are pronounced differently and have different definitions. go through means experience.

acorns, mentioned as part of a misheard lyric at 3:12, are the fruit of the oak tree.

acorns on an oak tree

acorns on an oak tree

what u got to lose, appearing in toluca lyric at 3:47, is a reduction of what have u got to lose– another example of a reduction of the .

make up your mind, in the video at 3:49, means decide. a variation is used in the title of this famous 2pac song.

what about the chorus? u can find additional analysis of that part of circles and the end of the toluca lyric 8 video here. do u have additional questions or comments about the video or the song? post them under leave a reply


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