toluca lyric 5: sza’s vibrant, sizzling vocabulary in ‘all the stars’

more marvelous vocabulary from sza‘s verse in  toluca lyric 5: all the stars!! for more vocabulary and an excellent playlist of songs related to the lyrics in all the stars, click here

spoiler alert, used at 2:55, is a warning that spoilers, e.g. information about a movie, series, book, etc. that could spoil your enjoyment, are coming.

freckles, alluded to at 3:15 are little brown patches of skin.


sza’s got some freckles.  (roger erickson, out magazine)

there are two uses of get at 3:18 that come from the beginning of sza’s verse in all the stars. get to talking means start talking.  get involved means participate.

fun english practice⭐️⭐️⭐️richyrocks english on youtube

a list of expressions used in sza’s verse appear on the screen between 3:25 and 3:32. got no is a reduction of i’ve got no, which is a contraction of the have got structure. an off switch allows u to turn off a device. a turn on excites sexually.

bring me down means make me feel sad or bad;  or remove from power, destroy.  get away from  is a phrasal verb that means remove. keep away from means don’t let it near me. give thanks means to be grateful, appreciate. at all emphasizes a negative statement.  end game is a final objective at the end of a detailed plan. it is the title of the fourth movie in the avengers saga. (is that an accident?)

there is an example of past perfect at 3:40. i hadn’t realized refers to realizing (discovering) that there are alternate versions of sza’s verse in all the stars. different from realizar in spanish, realize usually does NOT mean finish, fulfill.

had u?  is a tag question that refers to the statement  i hadn’t realized. because this statement is negative, the tag (had u?) is affirmative. because the structure is past perfect, the auxiliary had is used. u is a plural pronoun.

at 3:45, listen for mandela effect (false memory). the expression refers to  several people misremembering that south african hero nelson mandela died in jail when actually, after being released from prison in 1990, he served as president of south africa from 1994 to 1999.

u can read different versions of sza’s verse in all the stars here and here.

when large percentages of people forget, we remember nelson mandela

at 3:50, overwhelmed is used to describe the feeling of processing too much or extreme levels of information on line every day. at 3:57 proper means correct, adequate.

a lady with post-it notes all over her

overwhelmed by little notes

the final line of sza’s verse, mentioned at 4:02 in toluca lyric 5, is

better live your life, we were running out of time

better is a modal auxiliary verb in this lyric. it indicates a strong recommendation. run out of means time was gradually diminishing.

kendrick lamar & sza

kendrick lamar & sza (lester cohen, wireimage)

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