toluca lyric 8: circles

toluca lyric 8 is streaming! the new video on the analyzes the lyrics of post malone‘s popular song circles.

this post will provide u with additional observations about post’s song and toluca lyric 8, starting with this comment at :38…

picking up where we left off in toluca lyric 7, i’ve got some more information that’s straight from the horse’s mouth

i’ve got (i have got—>the ) is the same as i have. picking up where we left off means continuing from the point of a previous pause or stop. for example, the expression straight from the horse’s mouth was the last expression mentioned in toluca lyric 7 and it was the first one mentioned in toluca lyric 8. another example is the first line of this little simz song from the fifa 20 soundtrack that says

me again
allow me to pick up where I left off

straight from the horse’s mouth means getting information from a direct source, i.e. (in other words) the songwriter—in toluca lyric 7, lil nas x; in toluca lyric 8, post malone.

a horses mouth--straight from the horse's mouth--idiom

if u want the best info, u gotta go straight to the horse’s mouth

the idea of straight from the horses mouth continues at :50 and inspires the first joke related to post malone’s first name…

the horse is at the post. it’s kind of another horse idiom. the horse is at the post and he’s sharing his knowledge.

post in this context refers to where the horses are tied when they are not being used. there is a picture of horses tied to a post at :53 in toluca lyric 8. knowledge is facts, information, understanding; it is pronounced like college.

bad luck brian meme that reads: i went to college, i got no knowledge

knowledge sounds like college. i got is a reduction of i have got

listen at 1:00 for…

post says this song has a super fleetwood mac vibe, i hadn’t noticed

vibe means circles feels like or makes u think of the band fleetwood mac. i hadn’t noticed is past perfect referring to the moment i read what post said  aboutfleetwood mac and the time before.

the interpretation of fleetwood mac’s song go your own way at 1:13 is an example of second conditional–a hypothetical characterized by the combination of if, the past tense (could) and a modal auxiliary verb (i’d=i would).

if i could, baby i’d give u my world

does u can go your own way have a post malone vibe?

another post opinion is shared at 1:20…

a lot of my music is about being a glutton for pain. u know when you’re in a shitty situation, but u keep on going back.

a glutton for pain is a person attracted to suffering. shitty is bad. keep on means continue. go back means return,

homer simpson eating lunch like a glutton--glutton definitiona glutton overeats. post malone overeats pain😆

there is a reminder at 1:30 that similar to circles, dua lipa‘s song new rules, (analyzed in the toluca lyric pilot) is full of phrasal verbs too. the graphic at 1:35 shares a sentiment that is also mentioned in the toluca lyric pilot…

songwriters don’t care about phrasal verbs, though

though is used to show a contrast of ideas, similar to but. though is more versatile though,  as it can precede, divide or come after the contrasting ideas.  circles and new rules contain a lot of phrasal verbs, but songwriters don’t intentionally or even consciously use phrasal verbs.

dua lipa, post malone and ella mai

dua lipa, post malone and ella mai: they are definitely not talking about phrasal verbs 

we didn’t get to the analysis of the lyrics!  but don’t worry, there is much more toluca lyric 8 to come. do u have any questions about circles or toluca lyric 8? post them under leave a reply


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