seven assorted settle down songs

turns out settle down, which can mean establish an “adult” lifestyle or calm down is a really common phrasal verb for singers of popular music to use 

this first line of ed sheeran‘s song kiss me is

settle down with me


bob marley‘s kinky reggae shows appreciation for diverse lifestyles, but also says this at :25 and again at 1:45

u know i just can’t settle down in a kinky part of town

kinky means unusual or perverse, frequently in reference to sexual activity. bob was cool with the kinky part of town but he couldn’t live there.

at 1:05 of the chiffons well known 60s track one fine day listen for this line that predicts a crush (strong romantic feelings) will eventually become a significant relationship

i’ll keep waiting and one day darling, you’ll come to me when u want to settle down


this is the second verse of danny o’keefe‘s underrated (not appreciated) 70s hit about the sad transition into adulthood,  good time charlie’s got the blues (1:30)

ya know my heart keeps tellin’ me, “you’re not a kid at thirty-three; ya play around, ya lose your wife. ya play too long, you lose your life.”
i got my pills to ease the pain. can’t find a thing to ease the rain.
i’d love to try and settle down. but everybody’s leavin’ town.

ya is a common, abbreviated form of of you (u). ease is the verb equivalent of easy. it means mitigate, make easier. pain is suffering, discomfort. in the title of the song, charlie’s got is a contraction of the has got structure.


sammy davis jr.‘ s anthem (inspirational song) to individuality i gotta be me uses the have/has got structure too. i gotta is a reduction of i have got to. at 1:25, this lyric is an excellent contrast of settle vs settle down

i won’t settle down. won’t settle for less.

settle down can be understood here as either relax or get married, start a family, etc. settle means accept.


range life, a 90s alternative rock hit by pavement, has this lyric in the chorus that can also be understood as both calm down and transition to an adult lifestyle

i want a range life if i could settle down,
if i could settle down, then i would settle down


and one final application of settle down meaning calm down–> the hook (most recognizable part) of electric relaxation by a tribe called quest. it’s often misunderstood. until a couple weeks ago, i thought it said relax yourself, girl. preset plan but it actually says

relax yourself, girl. please settle down

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