nike & colin kaepernick 2018

several months before colin kaepernick made headlines for sitting down and then kneeling during the national anthem, recognized his importance as an international benchmark for grinding. at the beginning of this month, kaepernick became a trending topic once again when nike included him in this ad

brittain ladd‘s article on sees nike’s decision practically. the article has this headline

Nike And Kaepernick: Business 101

101 refers to fundamental, obvious or basic information about a topic; it sounds like an introductory course at a university.

alec baldwin with some sales 101 in the movie glengarry glen ross.

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ladd’s basic business lesson is that..

controversy does two things well: divide people and generate revenue. the apparel, footwear and sports equipment company nike, estimated to earn over $36 billion in 2018, is a perfect example of how a retailer can leverage controversy to increase sales.

revenue is income. apparel is clothing. footwear is shoes. earn means make money. a retailer is a seller. leverage means take advantage of.

apparel that tells the truth

the controversy that ladd mentions is that a vocal sector of the american public believes that kaepernick’s protest was  disrespectful to american soldiers and police. while the controversy can be leveraged to make more money, the article also addresses how it could be potentially negative for nike’s business.

the endorsement agreement with kaepernick may have created too much pushback against nike.

an endorsement is when a celebrity promotes a product. may have created is 3rd conditional and means it’s hypothetically possible. too  much means an excessive amount. pushback is negative response. along these lines (similarly), reported

the ad provoked backlash from some who believe his protest during the anthem was disrespectful. some people posted pictures cutting their nike socks, burning their nike shoes, and #boycottnike started trending. but the boycott proved fleeting and had no impact on half of americans’ views about the company, [an ssrs omnibus] poll found.

backlash is a negative response. a boycott means not buying or using nike products. fleeting means temporary. a poll is a survey of public opinion.

meme:u can marry for love, but it can be fleeting. u can marry for money, but there's never enough. if u marry for big dick, you'll have big dick the whole rest of your life

actually, big dick is fleeting too

yahoo sports observes that

nike has determined that the upside of targeting its younger demographic outweighs the downside of alienating older, more conservative consumers, with early polling data supporting that approach.

upside and downside are positives and negatives. target means nike’s objective is younger customers. outweigh means the benefit of attracting younger customers is greater than the risk of pissing off older ones. polling is the activity of taking a poll. approach is a way of doing things.

when benefits outweigh risks

an illustration of benefit outweighing risk

the headline of the article declares the wisdom of this approach…

Young people support Nike’s bet on Kaepernick, poll shows

…and the rest of the article reinforces it.

nike’s decision to make the former san francisco 49ers’ quarterback a centerpiece of its 30th anniversary “just do It” campaign was a shrewd investment in its core customers: younger americans….two-thirds of the company’s sneaker customers are younger than 35

bet recognizes the risk nike took by deciding to showcase kaepernick. former means kaepernick isn’t the 49ers’ qb anymore. centerpiece is the most important part. shrewd is smart. core customers are nike’s most essential customers. sneakers are athletic shoes.

the core is also the name of the earth’s center and a movie that is the most spectacular gringada ever produced.

brittain ladd’s article predicts that

nike will soon discover that ads featuring kaepernick will cease to move the needle in terms of increased sales.

cease means stop. move the needle is an expression that means have an impact. referring to a needle on a gauge (instrument for measuring).

nike probably has a more sophisticated sales gauge than this, but when kaepernick ceases to move the sales needle, expect a new approach. (

and he has this interesting recommendation

nike should approach police departments throughout the u.s. and evaluate the uniforms worn by police officers. nike is a company with experts in apparel and shoe manufacturing. how much better can nike make police uniforms? asked another way – if police uniforms didn’t exist, how would nike design them? nike designing uniforms for police officers would generate positive sentiment and support from the majority of consumers and the public. even customers currently boycotting nike or that have a negative opinion of the company would embrace nike for stepping up to help make the lives of police officers better.

approach in this context means contact, talk to. throughout means all over. worn is the irregular past participle of wear; it’s used as an adjective here. if police uniforms didn’t exist, how would nike design them? is a hypothetical proposition, i.e. 2nd conditional. the positive sentiment and support are hypothetical as well; they haven’t actually happened. embrace means support. step up means taking a significant action at an important moment.

making coln kaepernick the centerpiece of a nike ad campaign: business 101

what’s your opinion about the evolution of colin kaepernick from quarterback to activist icon? is nike a noble corporation for featuring kaepernick? or is this just another way for them to make money? share your thoughts under leave a reply




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