a gay old time with the flintstones

gay is a word that today is associated almost exclusively with sexuality, specifically homosexuality.  this video from the richyrocks youtube channel talks about the evolution and different applications of the word.

at :15 the video says

there is another use of gay that means like, stupid or irritating. annoying. ridiculous maybe.

annoying describes something that bothers u, and is in fact a synonym of irritating. while this usage is all over the place (everywhere), many consider it to be homophobic.

fun efl practice richyrocks english on youtube

another video on the richyrocks youtube channel, the song gay patriots, is a musical representation of the different definitions discussed here. as the song implies and the video above mentions, the original idea of the word ‘gay’ was happy or merry.  though that usage of the word has almost disappeared nowadays, at 1:15 the video says

a lot of christmas music includes those words: joy, happy, merry & gay. and there is at least one more, the very memorable theme song from the flintstones.

gay apparel
this is probably not the original idea of the lyrics to deck the halls 

for example, the christmas carol deck the halls contains the line

don we now our gay apparel

translated to how we speak english today, this means time to put on our festive, happy clothes.

a gay old time with the flintstones
the flintstones & their neighbors the rubbles were always gayest at christmas time (myfreewallpapers.net)

listen to the opening (:35)  and the closing cedits (1:08 & 1:18) for the flintstones. the lyrics describe time spent with the flintstones as

gay old time

have u ever seen the flintstones? is watching an episode of the flintstones indeed a gay way to spend your time? do u know any other examples where gay means happy? share your answers under leave a reply





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